EVO Ultra Thin Square

EVO Ultra Thin Square is available in 650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 950mm, 1050mm & 1150mm sizes with design piece “Square” grid made from AISI 304 stainless steel. Grid also have K3 load class and set for levelling of ceramic. Minimum installation height is 77mm and maximum flow rate is 48 l/min which is provided by ultra low 360 degrees rotatable base with 25mm water seal height and output DN 50mm. Model can be cleaned without removing grid so it makes him “Easy 2 Clean” and consist “All you need set” so client have in box everything needed for the installation. Model is avalilable with 24 carat gold finish grid.

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  • Evo Ultra Thin Square

  • Variants of grid finishing:

    EVO Ultra Thin Square 5

    EVO Ultra Thin Square main advantages:

    EVO Ultra Thin Line 6

    Easy To Clean: Easy cleaning of drain without removing stainles steel grid.

    Anti Leaking System: Thanks to new design of holder of grid, all condensed and leaked water under the tile finds it way back to the drain. In complete with self – adhesive butyl tape who comes with product represent Anti Leak System.

    Leveling of grid: Model have system for grid leveling so client can have flexibility in choosing surface in bathroom. Adjusting is performed by tightening and loosing of leveling screws in grid carrier. Grid can be leveled from 14mm up to 20mm of distance between holder of grid and top of the grid.

    Adjustment of drain height and base position: Universal solution for adjustment of installation height of drain and possibility of rotation of base for 360 degrees.

  • Thanks to universal solution for adjustment height of drain (DN 110mm cuttable reducer) EVO ULTRA THIN shower drain have possibility of installation in both renovation and new building bathroom projects. Minimal installation height is 77mm and maximum is 110mm which fulfills all requests of modern buildings. Height adjustment legs enables extra security during installation and use.

    EVO Ultra Thin Square

    EVO ULTRA THIN shower drain is manufactured in different sizes. In dependence of your needs we offer following sizes: 650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 950mm, 1050mm and 1150mm.

    EVO Ultra Thin Square 1