Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern

Fluenta Ugradni vodokotlić

The advantages of Fluenta concealed flushing cisterns are perfect functioning in terms of economical and silent flushing, they are invisible in space so that they will ideally fit in small bathrooms, and in large ones they will contribute to better functionality and satisfy the aesthetic requirements of users. A wide selection of flushing plates will fit with any interior.

By choosing one of the Play, Active, Onyx, or Diamond flushing plates and the Confluo or Evolution drain, you will create the perfect pair that will meet your requirements by all standards, and the ambiance in which you stay will exude elegance and a pleasant atmosphere.


Installation method:

  • Installation in prefabricated walls
  • As a self-supporting element for pre-wall installation in drywalls
  • For pre-wall angle installation
  • For universal installation into solid walls


  • Drywall element for wall-mounted toilets with a convealed flushing cistern
  • Concealed element height: 115cm
  • Concealed element width: 55cm
  • For frontal activation
  • Used for mounting a dual flushing plate
  • Possibility to mount start-stop flushing plate
  • Flushing cistern is insulated against condensation
  • Silent HDV filling valve
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  • Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern

    Active black matte flush plate

    PLAY White Flush Plate

    PLAY Shine Chrome Flush Plate

    PLAY Brushed Chrome Flush Plate

    ACTIVE White Flush Plate

    ACTIVE Shine Chrome Flush Plate

    ACTIVE Brushed Chrome Flush Plate

    ONYX White FLush Plate

    ONYX Black FLush Plate

    DIAMOND White Flush Plate

    DIAMOND Black Flush Plate


    Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern 20

  • Technical data:

    • Flushing cistern volume: 9 liters
    • Mounting for dual flushing
    • Large flush: 6L / 9L
    • Small flush: 3L / 4.5L
    • Connection to the water supply: at the top middle/right side
    • Supporting frame made from 40 x 40 mm profiles
    • Supporting frame surface protected by a powder coating in blue
    • Support legs – ranging from 0 to 20 cm
    • Range of brackets for pre-wall installation: from 15 to 20 cm
    • Suitable for the installation of toilet bowls with an axial distance of 18 to 23 cm
  • Sisevac thermal baths – Paraćin

    Country: Serbia

    Delivered products: PPR, PVC, Pert-al- pert, HDPE i PE corrugated pipes, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo premium line, Confluo standard drain and Fluenta Round washbasin

    Investor: RM Stubica

    Contractor: Domus

    Pestan products were delivered during the reconstruction and upgrade of a hotel that has 100 suites, 4 stars, a conference room, a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and a wellness center.

    Tesla Palace – Kragujevac

    Country: Serbia

    Delivered products: PPR, S line, PVC, HDPE pipes and fittings, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Confluo premium line, Confluo standard, Rimless and Basic toilet bowls

    Investor: Tesla Palace

    Contractor: Euro build 

    The Tesla Palace complex is a concept of luxuriously designed apartments and business units for families and businesspeople in the most beautiful part of Kragujevac, designed according to the latest standards. It is in a peaceful area of the city, with a large park and greenery. It is a residential and commercial building with an area of 31,500 square meters. It consists of a total of 278 apartments, 16 commercial spaces, and 236 underground parking spaces. It offers the highest quality combination of modern and comfortable living, designed down to the smallest detail and tailored for all generations. Luxury, modernization, sophistication in construction, expertise, and above all, quality is just some of the reasons why Tesla Palace is synonymous with a secure, carefree, and peaceful life.

    WOOW Gradnja – Bečići

    Country: Montenegro

    Surface area: 9.600 m2

    Delivered products: PPR, HTPP, PVC pipes and fittings, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Confluo standard and Primo line drains

    Contractor: Simax d.o.o.

    Investor: WOOW Gradnja

    “Bellemond” – Bečići

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Horizont invest

    Delivered products: S-Line, HTPP pipes and fittings, Confluo Standard, Premium line and Fluenta concealed flushing cistern

    “Milmari Resort” – Kopaonik mountain

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Milkop d.o.o. Raška

    Milmari Resort (Hotel Milmari) is a brand new hotel-tourist complex on the slopes of Kopaonik, located in the weekend estate, on the regional road Kopaonik – Raška. This luxury complex has been categorized with three stars, and what makes it special is exceptionally arranged apartments. Also, Milmari Resort in its offers has interesting content: Wellness and SPA center, restaurant, Caffe bar, photo, and video gallery, and many others. For the needs of this hotel, Peštan has delivered Fluenta flushing cisterns, Fluenta Basic toilet bowl, Fluidtherm and PVC pipes and fittings.

    “Solaris Resort” – Vrnjačka Banja

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Solaris Resort

    The modernly equipped “Solaris Resort” hotel which Vrnjačka Banja offers, is located in a peaceful part of Vrnjačka Banja near Banja’s promenade. This four-star hotel owns many activities within the wellness zone: cold room, Finnish and Russian sauna, salt room, jacuzzi, warm branches, Turkish bathroom, crushed ice, aromatic shower, tropic rain, and fitness room. Except that, in this hotel’s offer, you can enjoy a restaurant, aperitive bar, parking lot, game room for kids and modern conference room of large capacity which is connected with a Lobby bar. Peštan company has delivered Fluenta concealed flushing cisterns, Rimless toilet bowls and Consluo drains for the needs of this hotel.

    Tito’s Villa

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Stan Projekt DOO

    Architect: Stan Projekt DOO

    This complex is located on Zlatibor mountain, over 1000 meters above sea level. Due to the unique position and structure of the lot, already from the first floor, there is an amazing view of the Tornik and Čigota tops. This hotel can boast a wealth of content: Restaurant, SPA center, open pool, park for kids, conference rooms, and so on. For the needs of this project, Peštan has delivered: PPR, PVC, HTPP pipes and fittings, HDPE pipes, Fluenta basic toilet bowl, and Fluenta flushing cistern, and Confluo Standard drains.

    Apartment complex Tivat

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Tehno Tours d.o.o.

    Contractor: Aqua Mont d.o.o.

    A modern tourist complex in Tivat, with all the modern and accompanying amenities for a perfect holiday. High quality materials were used.

    For this project, the following products are delivered: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line silent sewage, Fluenta built-in cisterns and Confluo drains.

    Apartment and residential building “Concordia”

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Concordia Commerce d.o.o.

    Contractor: Concordia Commerce d.o.o.

    Concordia apartments are newly designed residential buildings in Ulcinj. There are 23 apartments in the building, arranged on five floors. The total area of the building is 1500m² and is located close to many attractive locations in the city, between the center of Ulcinj and the large Ulcinj beach. Our business-partner Concordia incorporates a set of products for building Pestan. This is the first in a series of buildings that Concordia works as an investor, the Pestan company strives to keep up with its quality and professionalism.

    The following Pestan products are delivered for this project: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line silent sewerage, Confluo Premium Line 550 drains, Confluo Dry1 central drainage and Fluenta built-in cisterns.


    Country: Serbia

    Investor: SANNYVILLE d.o.o.

    Architect: BG ARH d.o.o.

    Contractor: M Enterijer gradnja

    For the first phase of construction, consisting of 252 residential units in Sunnyville settlement in Višnjička Banja, the company Peštan has delivered a complete system of water and sewage, as follows:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, PEHD pipes and fittings, 3P pipes and fittings for indoor and PVC KG, PE and PP corrugated pipes and fittings for outdoor sewage. CONFLUO shower drains are also delivered, and Sunnyville is one of the first projects for which we delivered the product from our new segment – FLUENTA built-in cistern with accompanying equipment and dual button activation key.

    FLUENTA system is praised by installers on the site itself as the simplest and most practical product of this segment with which they have worked so far.

    Zemunske Kapije – Zemun, Phase 1

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Construction Directorate of Serbia

    Designer: North Engineering d.o.o; Masinoprojekt KOPRING a.d.

    Artist: KOTO d.o.o.

    Another in a series of projects, financed by the Construction Directorate of Serbia, began to be built at the Zemun – Gornji grad site. The Residential and Business complex of the Zemun Gate will spread on an area of about six hectares, and 1,700 apartments will be deployed in eight buildings. Within the first phase, 323 apartments, 240 garage spaces and 62 parking spaces in the ground will be built, and the completion of Phase 1 is expected in September 2018. The products of the company Pestan intended for installation on this project are in the field of indoor and outdoor sewage installations, hydrant networks, PE 100 polyethylene pipes, built-in cisterns, and the like…

    Residential and commercial building Braće Ribnikar 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: ‚‚City gradnja profit“ d.o.o.

    Architect: ‚‚Studio I“ Novi Sad

    Contractor: GP ‚‚Raz“ d.o.o. Novi Sad

    This building has 126 residential units placed in 12 floors at over 14.000 square meters. Following products of the company Peštan took their place into this great project:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns with dual flushing plates with glass type ONYX and DIAMOND.

    Hotel Ambasador – Niš

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: My Place, Niš

    Architect: Alterno Inc, Niš

    Contractor: ‚‚Bojan“ o.d. Vlasotince

    Long-awaited reconstruction of the hotel Ambasador in Niš is underway and it is agreed with the investor that following products of the company Peštan will be used in reconstruction:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, PVC KG, HDPE pipes and fittings, PERT-Al-PERT pipes, PP corrugated pipes, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns.

    Hotel Sunce – Sokobanja

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Pantelić d.o.o. Kraljevo

    Architect: Architect Pro, Vrnjačka Banja

    Contractor: Dimex d.o.o. Vrnjačka Banja

    For this project, the contractor opted for the following products:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, PVC KG, HDPE pipes and fittings, PERT-Al-PERT pipes, PP corrugated pipes, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns.

    Vidik Residence – Kopaonik

    Country: Serbia


    Contractor: BOG HOUSE Mladenovac

    For the construction of this facility, the investor opted for Peštan products. On the occasion of this project, the company Peštan delivered its Fluenta built-in cisterns, Confluo drains and PPR and PVC pipes and fittings.

    Hotel Nais

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: TONCEV GRADNJA DOO — Surdulica

    Contractor: Vodomonteri – Niš

    Part of the construction of this magnificent hotel was the company Peštan. Peštan completed this facility with his products and sent PPR pipes and fittings, S-Line silent sewer, Confluo drains, Fluenta washbasins, HDPE pipes and street sewer.

    Green Hill

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: KMC Invest d.o.o.

    Contractor: FNC Company

    Architect: Konatar Engineering

    Peštan products are the part of this project. For this project, it was delivered Peštan HDPE pipes, Confluo drains, Fluenta cisterns, PPR pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings and PVC SN8.

    Hotel Ambasador

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: My Place

    With its products, the Peštan company has beautified this luxury hotel. For the needs of this hotel, it was delivered ours Confluo drains, Fluenta cisterns and the buttons and Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl.

    Zlatiborski Biser

    Conutry: Serbia

    Investor: Galens DOO

    For the construction of this large facility was delivered Peštan Rimless toilet bowls, Fluenta cisterns and buttons and Confluo drains.

    Milmari Resort

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Milkop d.o.o. Raška

    The name Peštan is also present in this modern complex. It was delivered Fluenta cisterns, buttons, Rimless toilet bowl and the Confluo drains.

    Kraljevi Čardaci

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Car, Kragujevac

    For this beautiful hotel, Peštan products Fluenta cisterns, buttons, Rimless toilet bowls and Confluo drains was delivered.

    Solaris Resort

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Solaris resort

    For the construction of this exotic facility, Peštan delivered its products. Fluenta cisterns and buttons, Rimless toilet bowls and Confluo drains are supplied.

    Hotel Slatina

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Trmka kabl, Vrnjačka banja

    For the hotel Slatina in Vrnjačka Banja, Peštan has delivered its Fluenta cisterns with buttons, Confluo drains and Rimless toilet bowls.

    Zemunske Kapije

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Građevinska direkcija Srbije

    The company Peštan delivered its material for the construction of this large and urban complex. Fluenta cisterns, buttons, and the Rimless toilet bowls have delivered.

    San Simon Resort

    Country: Slovenia

    Investor: Hoteli Bernardin d.d.

    Contractor: Active Design/Big house

    For the hotel San Simon in Slovenia, Peštan company has delivered following products: PP-RCT, S-Line silent sewer, Confluo drains, Fluenta cisterns, buttons and Rimless toilet bowls.

    “Graviton doo” Novi Sad

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Graviton doo

    Project bureau: Studio I Novi Sad

    Contractor: Kalem doo Novi Sad

    For the needs of this project, Peštan PVC and PPR pipes, S-line silent piping system, Frameless line 750 black glass, Confluo standard drains as well as Fluenta concealed flushing cistern are delivered.

    “Dunavski Venac” – Belgrade 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Alfa Consulting

    During the construction of this residential building, a large number of Peštan products are used. This complex will have over 500 apartments and it will spread over the surface of 24.000m2. For the needs of this project it was delivered: HDPE, PVC, and PPR pipes, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, and Fluenta Basic toilet bowl.

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