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Fluidtherm USA

Peštan fluid term RCT PP pipes and fittings have been developed especially for the market of the United States and are designed to meet the very stringent requirements of this market. About our success to these conditions fulfill evidenced by the fact that to this day only two other world producers managed to achieve the same goals.

We have the American certificates for potable water and for use in industrial conditions. The system is fully adapted to the market of North America and its components are not compatible with the standard which is used in Europe.

Thanks to top-quality materials that are used, with  superior performance of the entire system, welded joints are without the possibility of leakage and excellent chemical resistance of our system, this system is managed to push the other pipe systems in the US market and from day to day wins an increasing share.



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  • Mechanical FIber pipe SDR 9

    Fiber pipe SDR 7.4

    Purple pipe

    Fluidtherm PPR pipe




    Elbow 90°

    Elbow 45°


    Reducing Tee

    Street 90°

    End cap


    Cross Tee

    3 way elbow


    Injected cross over

    Cross over

    Draining vranch

    Screw down stop globe valve

    Concealed valve


    Valve with fixing screw

    Flange adapter

    Flange ring

    Metal pipe clamp with rubber ring

    Marking guide

    Repair plug


    Long plug for pressure

    Short plug for pressure


    Elbow mask

    Plastic plastic nut connector

    Adaptor metal plastic SN

    Adaptor metal plastic UN

    Universal adaptor metal plastic SN

    Universal adaptor metal plastic UN

    Transition piece UN

    Transition piece SN

    Transition piece UN HEX

    Transition piece SN HEX

    Elbow 90° UN

    Elbow 90° SN

    Transition Tee UN

    Saddle transition piece UN

    Saddle transition piece SN

    Back plate transition elbow UN

    Back plate transition elbow

    Back plate transition elbow SN

    Transition elbow for gypsum wall mounting

    Excentric tee UN

    Ball valve

    Stop valve body

    Transition mountager

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  • Fluidtherm USA e pipes and fittings  are producing  in diameters from Ø 16 mm to Ø 315 mm. Pipes are produced in SDR classes 6, SDR 7.4 SDR 9, SDR 11 or with different wall thicknesses depending on the purpose and of the desired resistance to internal pressure and fluid temperature. Before selecting a product we advise checking table in our catalog or consult our Sat technical support.

    Fluidtherm USA 62

    We are able to offer a complete range of injected fittings for all diameters up to Ø 110 mm and for diameters greater than we use the method of butt welding. We are able to produce special, outside standard pieces and prefabricated assemblies according to customer drawing and also we can offer various methods of connecting piping PPR pipes made of other materials. Detailed list of our products you can see in download section.

  • Fluidtherm USA program differs from the standard Fluidtherm program on several grounds. all these Differences were introduced primarily to harmonize the program with the American standards.

    The system is designed in accordance with American standards:

    a. ASTM F 2389 Standard specification for pressure rated polypropylene (PP) piping system
    b. NSF / ANSI 61 Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects
    c. NSF / ANSI 14 Plastic Piping Systems Components and Related Materials
    d. NSF / ANSI 51 Food Equipment Materials
    e. CSA B137.11 Polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings for pressure applications
    f. ICC-LC1004, PP, PEX, PEX-AL-PEX and PP-AL-PP piping, tubes and fittings used in radiant heating and water supply

    Brass components are made with thread as used in the US market. For Fluidtherm USA program used PPRCT material which provides increased resistance to chlorine in the water. The system is marked in imperial units in accordance with the requirement of the market.