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A special segment of production at Peštan are revision and drain manholes. Peštan manufactures manholes, with or without a settling tank, as an integral part of the collectors in gravity systems of wastewater, rainwater or mixed water. Standardly made of polypropylene. The product range of Peštan company has included drain manholes. These products are mainly intended for the collection of rainwater in the rainy sewage systems in individual household installations as well as in systems engineering (collecting rainwater from roads).

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    PVC drain manhole

    Straight through drain manhole Ø630 Ø200

    Straight through drain manhole Ø630 Ø315

    Collective drain manhole Ø630 Ø200

    Collective drain manhole Ø630 Ø315

  • Manholes

    Manholes are manufactured as a monolithic structure made up of a flat bottom, manhole body (PP corrugated pipe) and connections to a specification projects. Ports and body are mutually welded by extrusion welding. In the same way, the bottom of the manhole is connected with the body of the manhole. Peštan revision manholes are an integral part of the collectors in gravity systems of wastewater, rainwater and mixed water. They are used as revision manholes, manholes  to stop the fall (cascading manholes) or manholes with sedimentation trap for flushing sewers.

    Manholes are made to order / project specification. Diameter of the manhole is DN 800 mm, the height is up to 6m. The diameters of input / output connecting pipes are up to DN 600 mm.

    Drain manholes – drain shafts

    Our production range has included drain manholes manufactured with a flat bottom or gutter at the bottom. Manholes with flat bottom are made of corrugated pipes and in the following diameters:

    a. Drain manholes ø400 ID
    b. Drain revision manhole ø500 ID
    c. Drain revision manhole ø600 ID

    Manhole with a gutter at the bottom, are made of PVC (the bottom of the manhole), the body of the manhole is from a PVC pipe and produced in the following sizes:

    a. Drain manholes ø315
    b. Drain manholes ø400

  • Physical properties of materials

    The physical properties of the material from which the pipe of the manhole is made of can be viewed in the corresponding section of corrugated PP or PVC pipe (not link the PP corrugated pipes and PVC pipes)

    Chemical resistance of materials

    Whether it is a shaft made of corrugated pipes or PVC pipes, table of chemical resistance of materials you can find in section Download.

     Connecting manholes and pipes

    Whether a revision or drain manhole, the points of contact with the pipes on each Peštan manhole have a socket, which must be appropriate to insert the pipe, a water resistance is achieved through the sealing rings made of EPDM rubber (EN 681), which are either assembled on pipes (corrugated pipes) or inserted into sleeves (smooth tubes).

    Installation, jointing pipelines with manholes and testing of the system is done according to applicable European standards – EN 1610th

  • Drainage system construction Banja Luka – Doboj highway

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Investor: European bank for renewal and development

    Delivery of PP drain manholes and pipes as a part of the project of highway Banja Luka – Doboj, section Prnjavor – Doboj. Executor of works, construction company Integral Inžinjering a.d. Laktaši has chosen Peštan PP manholes diameters 400, 600 and 800 of different sizes and in accordance with project and conditions in the site. For this project Peštan corrugated PP pipes ID have been delivered, the whole drainage system was completely entrusted to one producer.

    The complete value of delivered manholes was 293.000 EUR and the project was realized during 2015.

    Donja Bistra

    Country: Croatia

    Distributor: Sam Cro

    Project „Donja Bistra“ started in September 2021. This project is in the quiet part of Donja Bistra, in Morička street and it consists of buildings with two-story apartments built as row houses and independent family houses. The expected date of completion is in May 2022. Peštan company has delivered for this project PPR, Pert-Oxy, HTPP, S-Line, PVC KG, and PEHD water pipes. Besides pipes and fittings, Peštan manholes were also delivered, as well as the Confluo Premium line drains.