PE cable protection pipes

In terms of setting electricity or telecom cables it is necessary to further protect the cable from mechanical or any other influence. Also required is an additional , protection for cable bundles inside of buildings , regardless of whether they are underground or above-ground installation. For this purpose Peštan offers several types of pipes for cable protection and one of them are PE corrugated pipes for cable protection. These pipes for cable protection have long years of reliable, safe and practical solution for these purposes. They are made in accordance with the standards SRPS – EN50086-2-4 (DIN16961 , NFC68-171) and SRPS – EN13476 and provide full protection of cables from mechanical damage , water, chemical attack and corrosion. This protective tube allows easier replacement of cables which for any reason no longer meets requirements of user.

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  • Peštan corrugated PE pipes for cable protection are manufactured in the following diameters : Ø 75 mm , Ø 90 mm , Ø 110 mm , 125 mm and 160 mm in lengths of 6000 mm (products in bars) or 50 m (product in coils).

    Tubes are offered in two basic colors:

    Red for electrical power cables
    Yellow for telecom cables

    In the event that buyer choose pipe in coil length of 50 m it is possible that through the pipe  is threaded a rope for easier cable routing.

  • Peštan corrugated PE pipes for cable protection are made of polyethylene (PE) in accordance with the following standards SRPS-EN50086-2-4 (DIN16961, NFC68-171) and SRPS-EN13476.

    The tubes are designed to protect cables in the underground installation or installation inside the building. They are produced in a class ring stiffness SN 4 and can be used in places with increased surface load in accordance with the static calculation.

    These pipes are resistant to the influence of water, components contained in concrete and other construction materials, corrosion and other external influences. Chemical resistance of polyethylene allows installation in salty and chemically aggressive soil. Pipes are electric insulator and do not contribute to the spread of fire.

    Buyer in accordance with their needs can choose color of the pipe. In the standard offer are red and yellow.

    Smooth inner wall of the tube in bars facilitates pulling of the cables while for pipes in coils you can order the product with previously pooled rope for cable routing.

    In the case of blowing the cable through pipes it should be remembered that the connections in these pipes are not designed for pressure greater than 0.5 bar so optimum length of blowing is 50 m in the case of pipes in coils.

    In the case laying the pipe, under direct sun exposure, it is necessary to apply methods of protection from UV radiation.

    In case of any doubts please contact our technical support (link), which will provide all additional information.