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PE spiral pipes

Spiral corrugated pipes have 2 layers and are made of high density PE and have inner smooth layer and outer corrugated spiral layer. The pipe is being made by retraction of profiled outer layer of high density PE with corrugated profile onto smooth inner layer that was extruded and welded continuously. Outer layer is consisted of metallic profiled tape dressed with PE, and inner layer is consisted of high density PE. The presence of profiled metallic tape in outer layer improves the rigidity of the pipe in great manner. That is the reason why Peštan is fabricating spiral corrugated pipes in SN8 or higher class of stiffness.

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  • PE spiral pipe

  • Production range Peštan PE SPIRAL pipes for street system sewage or water transport without pressure includes pipes made of supreme quality PE 100 with steel reinforcement in ribs, diameters between 700 and 1800.

    Steel stripes used as reinforcement in the ribs are DC01 quality according to EN 10130.

    Also, these pipes are made in length of 3, 6, 12, 13.5 and 16m.

    Peštan PE SPIRAL pipes are made in 2 types of stiffness-resilience to outer pressure (depending on the type of steel chosen for reinforcement):

    SN 8 KN/m²
    SN 16 KN/m²

    For making the pipes in stiffness SN 8 KN/m² black coldly rolled tin, while for production of pipes in SN 16 KN/m² stiffness galvanized tin is being used.

  • Area of appliance:

    Appliance of Peštan PE SPIRAL pipes is visible in big sewage systems (in main collectors for the whole cities) like in the big gravitational systems of water supply where big diameters are wanted for. These pipes are by it’s structure exclusively ment for gravitational drainage or water supply. For the correct installment of Peštan pipes please follow guidelines and instruction EN 1610. For more detailed information please contact out technical support.

    Connecting the SPIRAL pipes:

    Peštan PE SPIRAL pipes are being connected with electro fusion belt-ring or thermally shrinkable foil. In both cases additional welding with handy extruder is necessary. It is possible to use both methods of connecting, firstly put electro fusion belt and then after put the thermally shrinkable foil over it, with OBLIGATORY welding with handy extruder inside.

    Physical properties of material:

    Thickness 0,959 gr/cm3, ISO 1183
    Flexibility module 1050 MPa, ISO 527
    MRS Qualification 10 MPa,ISO12162
    Impact rigidity according to Charpy 23 MPa, ISO 179
    Vicat softening temperature 71°C, ISO 306
    Co-efficiency of linear warmth stretching 0,13 mm/m°C

    Chemical resistance of material:

    Peštan PE SPIRAL pipes are resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alkaline, sulfates, aggressive gasses and all types of detergents. On the other hand, they cannot be used for drainage of water with high level of benzene, petrol, acetone.

    You can see the complete table of chemical resistance in Download section.

  • Collector reconstruction in Leskovac

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Vodovod Leskovac

    Spiral corrugated pipes are 2 layered made of  high density polyethylene and have inner smooth wall and outer corrugated spiral wall. Outer layer is made of metallic profiled strip overcoat with polyethylene and inner layer is made of high density polyethylene. Presence of metallic profiled strip is approving the rigidness of the pipe. Because of thet Pestan PE spiral pipes are fabricated starting from SN8 and above. Spiral pipes with metallic reinforcement are made in diameters 700 up to 1800 inner nominal diameter. For the needs of collector reconstruction in Leskovac Pestan PE spiral pipes were applied of diameter 1200 with metal reinforcement in length of 190m.

    Total worth of delivered merchandise is 40.000 EUR and pipes were delivered in 2015.