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Standard Classic

Peštan offers more than 100 different models of Confluo Standard Classic floor drains. All models have a body made of plastic and grid made of stainless steel or tempered glass, which we deliver in various designs and sizes + complete accessories and set for protection during pouring concrete floor.

Main advantages:

– Minimum installation height – 56–78 mm 

– Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min

– Unlimited leveling of ceramic 

– Modularity – 6 different output options,

   5 different siphons, 11 grid options

– Rotatable output – 360 degrees base rotation +

   15 degrees angle rotation


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  • Tide 1

    Tide 2

    Tide 3

    Tide 4

    Tide 5

    Tide 6

    Tide 7

    Tide 8

    Tide Vertical








    Square 1

    Square 2

    Square 3

    Square 4

    Square 8

    Square Vertical







    Drops 1

    Drops 2

    Drops 3

    Drops 4

    Drops 8

    Drops vertical






    Drops vertical MASK

    Dry 1

    Dry 2

    Dry 3

    Dry 7

    Dry 9

    Dry Vertical

    DRY 1 MASK

    DRY 2 MASK

    DRY 3 MASK

    DRY 7 MASK

    DRY 9 MASK

    Dry vertical mask

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  • We supply our Confluo Standard Classic floor drains in 2 different sizes (100 x 100 mm & 150 x 150 mm), 6 different grid finish (SS “Tide”, SS “Drops”, SS “Square”, GOLD “Tide”, GOLD “Drops”, GOLD “Square”), 6 different outputs (Base with 1 outlet, Base with 1 outlet/1 inlet, Base with 1 outlet/3 inlets, S base with 28 mm of water seal, S base with 25 mm water seal, Vertical Base) and 3 different types of siphons (S Base siphon, Dry siphon, Socket siphon). All bases of Confluo Standard Classic models are having DN 50 mm outlets and DN 40 mm inlets and a superior flow rate of 48 l/min. Minimum installation height varies from 69 mm to 78 mm, depending on the model.

    Standard Classic 72


    Standard Classic 72

    Note: All Confluo Standard Classic models are supplied with a complete set of screws and a plastic „hat“ for protection during pouring concrete floor.

  • Sisevac thermal baths – Paraćin

    Country: Serbia

    Delivered products: PPR, PVC, Pert-al- pert, HDPE i PE corrugated pipes, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo premium line, Confluo standard drain and Fluenta Round washbasin

    Investor: RM Stubica

    Contractor: Domus

    Pestan products were delivered during the reconstruction and upgrade of a hotel that has 100 suites, 4 stars, a conference room, a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and a wellness center.

    Hotel & SPA Titov’s villa, Zlatibor

    Country: Serbia

    Delivered products: PPR, PVC, Confluo standard and Fluenta Rimless

    The Titova Vila Complex is an ideal combination of natural mountain surroundings and rich amenities, a picturesque place steeped in history, located at an altitude of over 1,000m, with a fantastic view of the Tornik and Čigota mountain peaks. The complex spans an area of 30,000 square meters, and Peštan is participating in the project’s second phase with 300 residential units.

    Belgrade Waterfront, Belgrade

    Country: Serbia

    Delivered products: PPR, HTPP, Confluo standard, Ventos, PVC, PEHD, PP-RCT, PP strong

    Nestled by the Sava River, Belgrade Waterfront is a monumental urban revitalization project worth 3 billion dollars, creating a new city center and a new international destination. We have supplied Peštan products for multiple residential buildings: Aria, Terra, Metropolitan, Simfonija, Scala, Sole, Libera, and Galerija shopping center.

    Risan Bay

    Country: Montenegro

    Delivered products: PP-R,HTPP pipes and fittings, Premium Line and Confluo standard drains

    Investor: Risan Bay d.o.o.

    Contractor: LD Gradnja

    Surface area: 10.000 m2

    Risan Bay, located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, stands out as the oldest settlement in these areas. It is just a few kilometers away from Perast and is worth visiting due to its highly unique attraction – Roman ancient mosaics.

    WOOW Gradnja – Bečići

    Country: Montenegro

    Surface area: 9.600 m2

    Delivered products: PPR, HTPP, PVC pipes and fittings, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Confluo standard and Primo line drains

    Contractor: Simax d.o.o.

    Investor: WOOW Gradnja

    “Bellemond” – Bečići

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Horizont invest

    Delivered products: S-Line, HTPP pipes and fittings, Confluo Standard, Premium line and Fluenta concealed flushing cistern

    Clinical Center of Serbia

    For the needs of the renovation of the Clinical Center of Serbia, the following Peštan products are delivered: Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo Frameless Line and Confluo Standard drains, PPR, S-Line and PP Strong pipes and fittings.

    “One Africa place” – Kenya

    Country: Kenya

    Sales representative: Vujica Ristić

    Visually recognizable and specially designed, One Africa Place comprises 138,000 square meters. With a triple-height entrance lobby, double-glazed solar efficient windows, 21st-century mechanized parking, and the most prestigious location in the city, this Urban Sculpture will stand apart in Nairobi’s corporate office scene. For the needs of this facility, HTPP pipes and Confluo Standard drains were delivered.

    Residential and business complex, Banja Luka

    Investor: HIDROKOP DOO

    Contractor: GP GRADIP AD, Prnjavor

    Architect: INTEGROPROJEKT, Banja Luka

    Supervisor: Janko Obradović,đ. ; Zorana Grbić.đ.

    Sales representative: Zlatan Vranjković

    For the residential and business complex in Banja Luka, it was delivered Peštan’s PPR, S-Line, HTPP, PVC pipes, HDPE water pipes and Confluo standard drains.

    “Solaris Resort” – Vrnjačka Banja

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Solaris Resort

    Sales representative: Branislav Simonović

    The modernly equipped “Solaris Resort” hotel which Vrnjačka Banja offers, is located in a peaceful part of Vrnjačka Banja near Banja’s promenade. This four-star hotel owns many activities within the wellness zone: cold room, Finnish and Russian sauna, salt room, jacuzzi, warm branches, Turkish bathroom, crushed ice, aromatic shower, tropic rain, and fitness room. Except that, in this hotel’s offer, you can enjoy a restaurant, aperitive bar, parking lot, game room for kids and modern conference room of large capacity which is connected with a Lobby bar. Peštan company has delivered Fluenta concealed flushing cisterns, Rimless toilet bowls and Consluo drains for the needs of this hotel.

    Tito’s Villa

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Stan Projekt DOO

    Sales representative: Branislav Simonović

    Architect: Stan Projekt DOO

    This complex is located on Zlatibor mountain, over 1000 meters above sea level. Due to the unique position and structure of the lot, already from the first floor, there is an amazing view of the Tornik and Čigota tops. This hotel can boast a wealth of content: Restaurant, SPA center, open pool, park for kids, conference rooms, and so on. For the needs of this project, Peštan has delivered: PPR, PVC, HTPP pipes and fittings, HDPE pipes, Fluenta basic toilet bowl, and Fluenta flushing cistern, and Confluo Standard drains.

    MIND Park

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Milanovic engineering

    Contractor: Tehno gradnjac d.o.o.

    Architect: Nort Engineering

    MIND Park is an industrial zone that was created after the sale of “Milanović Engineering” to the Siemens company. Mind park covers an area of 150 hectares, it is completely equipped with infrastructure and designed as a base for rail vehicles and the airplane industry. This is one of the biggest industrial parks in the region. The location has been divided into three segments: the biggest and most important part is the industrial part, then the business part and accompanying content and scientific and technological center. For the construction of this industrial zone, the following products have been delivered: PPR and S-Line pipes and fittings, Confluo Standard Classic and Confluo Premium line drains.

    “East Side” Residential complex – Belgrade

    The residential and business complex „East side“ is located on the territory of Zvezdara municipality in Belgrade. This complex offers over 20 different types of apartments according to the room layout. The Complex East side is arranged in the modern style, but even the exterior is not left out, and it is richly decorated with green areas. For the needs of the construction of this facility, Peštan company has delivered its PPR, PVC, HTPP and, HDPE pipes, as well as the Confluo Premium Line and Confluo Standard drains.

    Hotel 4*, the center of Ulcinj

    Country: Crna Gora

    Investor: Zadrima Draine

    Contractor: Maxvel Podgorica

    Brand new hotel, it will be released soon, it is expected for the 2018, 4 stars. Its characteristics are extremely high level of luxury and comfort, high quality and luxurious imported furniture, constructive materials, carpentry, flooring, sanitary ware and ceramics of the highest category, as well as innovative solutions in the architecture of the building and furnishing and interior design.

    The hotel has a total of 40 apartment units.

    For this project the following Peštan products are delivered:

    S-Line silent sewage, PP-R Fluidtherm, HTPP and Confluo Standard drains.

    ‚‚Sunčana Strana“ Novi Sad

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Construction directorate of Serbia

    Architect: SET d.o.o. Šabac

    Contractor: Best Izgradnja – Novi Sad

    The products of the company Peštan intended for installation on this project are in the field of internal and external installations of water and sewage, hydrant networks, bathroom drains and the like:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM, CONFLUO STANDARD, HTPP pipes and fittings, PVC KG pipes and fittings.

    Residential and commercial building Krilova 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Architect: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Contractor: ‚‚Pro-uno Invest” Novi Sad

    On this project, following the many years of cooperation and the satisfaction of investors and contractors, the company Peštan is present with the following products:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO Standard shower drains.

    Amadeus Palace

    Country: Albania
    Investor: Amadeus Group

    Amadeus Palace is a deluxe hotel which is located about 7 km from Tirana. Hotel is 5 star category. In this project we used square drains Tide 1, which are placed on the terrace of a luxury hotel.


    S2 business and residential complex in Novo Sarajevo

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Investor: BUTMIR“ gp Sarajevo

    For the purpose of building internal installations sewage investor has chosen the company “Gramel” doo Sarajevo, which has opted for Peštan Confluo drains types Drops 1 and Drops 2. The facility consists of an underground garage on 3 floors and 3 buildings containing ground and 12, 14 or 16 floors. Underground floors are intended for garaging vehicles with a total of 340 parking spaces total area of 12,613 m². In addition to parking in these floors are planned and technical facilities necessary for the smooth functioning of garages and office buildings. All underground floors are vertical communications (stairs and elevators) associated with the overhead part of the object (ground floor). Ground facilities is foreseen for storing the input area, and various multimedia content (showroom, conference and meeting rooms with other rooms for multiple purposes). It is designed flexible layout – office or desk system. Each floor has a net area of 610 m². A total of over 25,000 m² of office and business space.

    President Eco

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: President ltd

    For installation in a residential and business building investor “Prezident” doo, were delivered DRY drains in sizes 100X100 in quantities of 85 pieces. Drains are used in the bathroom for a central drainage.

    “SO Nikola Tesla” Mladenovac 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Glecher 021, Mladenovac

    For the construction of this project, Peštan 3P PVC and PPR pipes, Confluo Standard, and Confluo Premium Line drain were delivered, as well as Fluenta Basic toilet bowl.

    Commercial and residential building, SPO Josip Slavenski 1 – Belgrade, Banjica 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: IMMO PROJEKT DS 

    For the needs of this project, Peštan has delivered HTPP, 3P PVC and PPR pipes, Confluo standard, and Confluo Premium Line drain. 

    “Dunavski Venac” – Belgrade 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Alfa Consulting

    During the construction of this residential building, a large number of Peštan products are used. This complex will have over 500 apartments and it will spread over the surface of 24.000m2. For the needs of this project it was delivered: HDPE, PVC, and PPR pipes, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, and Fluenta Basic toilet bowl.

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