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Do you want your bathroom towork perfectly and look great?

Today bathroom represents a place for relaxing, enjoying after a busy and stressful day, as well as a place for calmness and pleasant intimacy. And not only for that. Modern bathrooms reflect style and elegance and represent the mirror of the house.

Unlike the former, traditional bathroom where simple functionality itself was enough to satisfy customers' needs, modern bathrooms have an important esthetic role. Considering the fact that bathrooms are not being equipped nor renovating very often, it is crucial to pay attention to the selection of solutions that is good enough to satisfy equally both technical and esthetical criteria, today and in the future.

This was our main idea when we created products for bathrooms. By focusing on details, we provided reliable solutions that last and represent the perfect harmony of technic and aesthetics.

Functionality in the first place

Fluenta Pre-Wall Installation Elements

Fluenta concealed flushing cistern

It is almost impossible to imagine a modern bathroom without having concealed installations and elements. Fluenta concealed flushing cistern is an excellent designed solution for both small and large bathrooms. Alongside functionality, which is a priority, it is also characterized by reliable operation, as well as economical, quiet flushing. Your high esthetics criteria will be satisfied by choosing any of Diamond, Onyx, Active, or Play flushing plates in creating a perfect combination, that fits any interior.

Bide built-in element

Reliable and stable metal construction that equally fits both prefabricated and solid walls. The supporting frame is made out of profile 4 x 4 cm, in dimensions 115 x 50cm. Ideal solution for the assembly of Fluenta Bidet.

Harmony of shapes

Fluenta sanitary ware

Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl

Fluenta Rimless is a consol toilet bowl with an elegant design, modern shape, and reduced lines without visible mounting parts. It has a special rimless flushing technology that prevents the retention of bacteria and impurities below the inner edge. A simple “Quick Release” mechanism for removing the toilet seat makes it easy to access all parts and maintain hygiene. The soft-close mechanism for slowing down of the seat prevents accidental falls that cause noise, shocks, or injuries.

Fluenta Bidet

Designed so that its geometry ideally matches the design of Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl. This pair of sanitary ware elements exude harmony and a spirit of simple elegance. Made of the highest quality porcelain, this element is an indispensable part of bathroom furniture intended for personal hygiene.

Fluenta Round Washbasin

The rectangular shape with slight curves and natural lines leaves the impression of minimalism and simplicity. The shape, the level of finishing, and the finest porcelain ensure the full functionality of this surface-mounted washbasin, and aesthetically ideally fits with other elements of Fluenta sanitary ware. Combined together, they will create a recognizable style of a modern bathroom. Dimensions 615mm x 360mm enable comfortable washing and maintaining personal hygiene.

Shower cabin without barrier

Walk-in showers, in recent years, have become an absolute synonym for a modern and elegant bathroom. They represent a practical and perfect choice, for both bathrooms of smaller or larger dimensions.

These shower cabins are characterized by a flat, barrier-free floor that allows comfortable and safe shower space entry. Usually combined with a glass enclosure and adequate ceramic tiles, these cabins, with a minimalist design, definitely bring a breath of luxury into your space for enjoyment and everyday activities. Flat floor, ceramic tiles, and glass surfaces enable easy maintenance and cleaning, which gives this solution both functional and practical value in addition to the aesthetic experience.

Drainage of water in this type of shower cabins is solved by appropriate placement of tiles and the formation of a slope that prevents water retention on the floor. For this purpose, linear shower drains are most often used, and a wide range of Confluo drains, with perfect functionality and elegant design, will make you feel comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere.

Elegance that your bathroom deserves

Confluo shower and bathroom drains

Confluo Premium Line

Elegant design combined with exceptional flow and minimum installation height! This model is produced in 7 different lengths and 6 types of grids. Drains have a 2 in 1 system, which allows you to have 2 different designs in one product.

  • Minimum installation height - 52 mm
  • Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min
  • Reversible grid – 2 in 1 system
  • 360 degrees rotatable self – cleaning S base
  • Without visible plastic parts
  • Dimensions: 300, 450, 550, 650, 750, 850, 950 mm

Frameless Line

Minimalist ‘’frameless’’ design that provides a unique and simple look. It is produced in 7 different lengths and 5 types of grides. Drains have a 2 in 1 system, which allows you to have 2 different designs in one product.

  • Minimum installation height – 62mm
  • Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min
  • ALS – Anti – Leaking System
  • Reversible grid – 2 in 1 system
  • 360 degrees rotatable self–cleaning S base
  • Combined siphon – wet + dry
  • Dimensions: 300,450,550,650,750,850,950 mm

Confluo Compact Line

Compact and elegant drainage solution. Confluo compact line characterizes a new, slim, and minimalistic metal frame which covers all visible plastic parts with two options for cover grids made of stainless steel with chrome and black matte finishes.

  • Minimum installation height - 52 mm
  • Maximum water flow - 48 l/min
  • 2 in 1 system
  • 360-degree rotating self-cleaning siphon
  • Mapei waterproofing
  • Dimension: 450, 550, 650, 750, 850 mm

Confluo Slim Line

Unique grid design! Confluo Slim Line is a model with tin lines for bathrooms with a simple and minimalistic design. “Slim” is made from high-quality ABS material and the grid is made of stainless steel. It is made in many different sizes to fit every bathroom.

  • Minimum installation height - 72 mm
  • ALS — Anti leaking system 
  • Simple and minimalistic grid 
  • 360-degree rotating self-cleaning siphon
  • Grid is height adjustable 5—20 mm
  • Dimension: 300, 450, 550, 650, 750, 850, 950, 1050, 1150 mm

Confluo Wall drain

Elegant drain in the wall. Modern and prestigious design, ideal for renovation and bathroom with concealed cisterns. The wall drain has a body made of high-quality ABS material and 2 different designs of stainless steel grids.

  • Minimum installation height — 56 mm 
  • Maximum water flow — 48 l/min 
  • ALS — Anti leaking system 
  • 360-degree rotating self-cleaning siphon
  • Ideal for renovation and bathrooms with installed concealed cistern
  • Dimension: 300 mm

Confluo Standard drains

Part of every bathroom. Assortment of more than 150 different models Confluo standard drains. Drains are made from high-quality plastic. Grids and covers are made from stainless steel, glass, and 24 karat gold. In our assortment, there is 2 different size of grids (10x10, 15x15) with different grid designs (Tide, Square, Drops, Black and White glass, ceramic holder and 24-karat gold).

  • Minimum installation height 69 – 78 mm 
  • Maximum water flow 48 l/min 
  • Unlimited leveling for ceramic tiles 
  • Modularity 6 different siphons, 11 types of grids 
  • 360-degree rotating self-cleaning siphon + 15-degree adjustment 

Choose your own style

When we are doing decoration of the bathroom we should keep in mind that the bathroom is a space for relaxation, pleasant intimacy, enjoyment, and not a source of worries. Therefore, this environment that we visit daily should look in harmony with our nature, character, and lifestyle. An aesthetically attractive bathroom that combines materials and colors that we like can make a significant difference in the feeling that we experience during daily routines in this area.

Furthermore, you can see our proposal for combinations of bathroom elements that we put in 3 collections: White, Chrome, and Black. Within this collection, you can choose and combine flushing plate, central floor, and linear shower drain in the same color. We also advise you to match these colors with furniture and other bathroom elements that are not part of Peštan range.

Quality that speaks all languages

More than 80 countries around the world have shown their trust in the products that employees create with pride and great satisfaction every day in order to offer an efficient and reliable solution for the most demanding projects and wishes for 30 years.

In front of you is a small part of selected projects from Serbia and abroad in which products from the Bathroom Solutions of the Peštan company found their place.

La Flora, Khao Lak, Thailand

Delivered products: Confluo Frameless Line.

One Africa Place, Kenya

Delivered products: Confluo drains i HTPP pipes and fittings.

Hotel Ambasador, Niš, Serbia

Delivered products: Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo drains.

Do you need technical sales support?

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