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Hirro Tape

With hotter summers crop irrigation is becoming a necessary precondition for any serious production. Therefore, we have introduced our production pipes for irrigation drip system. This system was developed with the intention of securing food production in desert conditions, but thanks to the superior characteristics it is accepted in all climate zones.

These tubes provide reliable and steady bringing water directly to the root zone of plants with accurate dosing and minimal water consumption. Since each liter of water brought to the plant costs, these systems provide multiple savings to the end user:

Less water means to irrigate a larger area with the same amount of water available
Less water means less energy bills at the pump
Bringing water directly to the root zone of the plants that grow means slower development of weeds that receives less water than alternative systems
The possibility of bringing fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides through the system reduces the need for using machinery.

Hirro TAPE tubes are intended for use in the course of one season, after which the tubes are removed from the field for processing land. Control of the flow of water is made through a dripper with continuous strip welded to the tube on the inside. This tape has a part for water filtration, a labyrinth for flow control and part of the water spout. The pipes are made and controlled in accordance with EN ISO 9261: 2011.

With the program of HDPE water pipes that are used for primary irrigation network and following the fitting, Peštan is able to offer a complete irrigation system.

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  • Hirro TAPE pipes for drip irrigation are produced solely in diameter  16 mm. The buyer, depending on their needs can choose between 4 different wall thicknesses – 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.30 mm. Also it is possible to choose  desired flow rate of water through a dripper and distance between drippers. For more information on the selection of pipe and adjusting the amount of water delivered to the plants, please check out our catalog or technical part of this site, and also you can consult our technical support.

  • Peštan Hirro TAPE irrigation pipes allow a serious and professional approach to the problem of irrigation of plants. In terms of industrial food production it is a complete system of irrigation project that takes into account all the details such as, for example:

    Need of grown culture for water
    Type of soil that is irrigated
    Sun exposure positions

    And a number of other parameters. For our part Peštan can fine tune the flow of water  through a dripper combination of the following factors:

    Operating pressure in the pipe
    Flow of individual drippers at a given pressure
    Distance between drippers

    Buyer has available flow rates of 0.6 l/h, 1 l/h and 1.5 l/h by a dripper at a working pressure of 0.7 bar. By changing the operating pressure it is possible to realize additional variations in flow. In addition it is possible to choose the distance between drippers from 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm or 40 cm between two drippers. This allows a huge number of combinations of flow so that you can choose tape for every situation.