Bathroom Solutions

Our Bathroom solutions provide you with modern, functional and reliable solutions for your bathroom. This category includes solutions for bathroom and shower drains as well as a part with concealed flushing cisterns and toilet bowls. As we are allways in touch with our client needs, we have made our „Evolution“ and „Confluo“ shower drains to be of highest quality and design, modular, easy to install & clean, cost effective and fitted for all personal needs and desires with  more than 300 different models in our offer. Product line ,,Fluenta” is the perfect choice for bathroom and sanitary facilities equipment. The perfect feature of economical and silent flushing is invisible in the room and aesthetically compatible with the bathroom equipment of your choosing due to our wide selection of flushing plates. Concealed flushing system ,,Fluenta”, along with toilet bowl, makes ideal combination and functional and highly reliable solution.