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Walk in showers is representing new and elegant solution for bathroom. Concept of shower with barrier free entrance is truly innovative and inspiring so Peštan Company have there find motivation to create "Drain Solution" program. As we are always in touch with our client needs, we have made our "Evolution" and "Confluo" shower drains to be highest quality and design, modular, easy to install & clean, cost effective and fitted for all personal needs and desires with  more than 300 different models in our offer. Dive into our world of shower drains and discover your new gem in bathroom!

Evolution line of shower drains represents the result of 5 years constant exploring and following of the latest trends in industry worldwide. It is a combination of highest technical requirements, unique design & innovations represented in every model. The Range consists of more then 110 different products divided in 3 groups EVO Ultra Thin, EVO Line and EVO Unlimited. Go into the world of Evolution shower drains and be part of the next generation of bathroom drainage. Evolution shower drains are manufactured by Pestan company, Serbia.

Drain Solutions - Catalogue
Confluo smart drains is the line which is for a long time on the market, where it have proved it’s value and which have been constantly improved during the years. It is divided into 4 groups: Confluo Premium models, Confluo Standard models, Confluo Top models and Confluo Gardino models. Main advantages are big variety of models which fits all needs of our clients, modularity and very good relation between price and quality. Confluo shower drains are manufactured by Peštan Company Serbia. Drain Solutions - Catalogue
Essential part of every bathroom „Primo“ shower drains are economic line of Pestan company shower drains which are divided in 2 groups, linear and rectangular 15×15 drains. „Primo“ concept is developed to be in „best value for money“ product segment but at the same time is not losing on technical aspects and functionality. Range consists of 18 diffrerent products, with main advatages like very low instalation height, high flow rate and modularity. Drain Solutions - Catalogue

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