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Confluo Board

Peštan “Board” program of preinstalled shower drains represents the result of constant searching for better and more efficient solutions for our customers worldwide. With this product, we made a big step ahead concerning waterproofing, safety and aesthetics, as we have minimized possibility of mistake and significantly reduced the time and effort for installation. With this product, as a producer, we have taken responsibility on ourside and made modern, quality and time effective solutions for our clients.

Confluo Board benefits

  1. Peripor Board – Peripor is an expandable polystyrene (EPS) that is particularly suitable for applications exposed to compressive load. The most important properties of Peripor are:
  • Excellent thermal insulation capacity
  • High density — 45 kg/m³
  • Outstanding impact absorption
  • Low weight
  • Imperviousness to moisture
  1. MAPEI waterproofing – On Confluo Board is factory applied one of the most quality waterproofings, MAPELASTIC Turbo two-components rapid-drying elastic cementitious mortar and MAPEI waterproofing butyl tape which guarantee 100% watertightness of our system.
  1. Dovetail Joint – This method of joining the plates provides the strength of a joint that is resistant to all possible stresses. Also it prevent entering concrete between the plates.
  1. Time and cost effective – A great benefit of the Confluo “Board” preinstall shower drains is that installation time and price is significantly reduced as a board have integrated slopes and applied MAPEI waterproofing.
  1. High Flow Rate – System provides flow rate of 48l/min, which is in accordance with the highest standards.
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  • Confluo Frameless Board UNI 1200

    Confluo Frameless Board UNI 900

    Confluo Frameless Board 1200X1200X 80-95 mm

    Confluo Frameless Board 1200X1200X 35-54 mm

    Confluo Frameless Board 900X900X 80-95 mm

    Confluo Frameless Board 900X900X 38-52 mm

  • Grid options

    Grids are available in 5 different materials:

    • Stainless steel/Ceramic
    • White glass/Stainless steel
    • Black glass/Stainless steel
    • 24k Gold Plated
    • Black matte/Ceramic

    Confluo Board 12

    • Board and grid are sold separately
    • In both UNI 900 and UNI 1200 is integrated Frameless Line 550 mm.
    • In 1200×1200 mm Confluo Board is integrated Frameless Line 850 mm.
    • In 900×900 mm Confluo Board is integrated Frameless Line 750 mm.
  • Main advantages:

    • Peripor Board — 45 kg/m3
    • MAPEI waterproofing
    • Time and cost effective
    • High Flow Rate — 48 l/min
    • ALS — Anti-Leaking System
    • Combined siphon — wet + dry

    Board dimensions:

    • UNI 900
    • UNI 1200
    • 900X900X 80/95 mm
    • 900X900X 38/52 mm
    • 1200X1200X 80/95 mm
    • 1200X1200X 35/54 mm
  • Confluo Board - How To Install (Step-by-Step)