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Premium Line glass

Confluo Premium Line Glass is a modification of Peštan basic “Premium” model with a glass grid. “Premium Glass” has a body made from high-quality plastic and a grid made from stainless steel/glass, which we deliver in various designs and sizes + complete accessories and set for hydro isolation. An important benefit of this model is a grid that has a factory–installed Black or White glass, so you have an elegant and functional 2 in 1 system.


Main advantages:

Low installation height – 52 mm
High flow rate – 48 l/min
Modular and Flexible – 2 in 1 system
Easy installation & maintenance
360° rotatable self-cleaning S base
Elegant glass grid with chamfered edges

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  • Premium black glass

    Premium white glass

    Premium gold-black glass

    Premium gold-white glass

  • We supply our Confluo Premium Line Glass models in 7 different sizes (300 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm, 650 mm, 750 mm, 850 mm, 950 mm) and 4 different grid finish (Black Glass/SS, White Glass/SS,  Black Glass/Gold, White Glass/Gold). It is 2 in 1 system, where the same model can be used both with Black or White Glass or SS/Gold finish. Premium Line has DN 50 mm horizontal output, which gives us the possibility to have superior 48 l/min flow rate. Minimum installation height is only 52 mm, which makes our „Premium Glass“ world lowest drain with DN 50 mm outlet. One more advantage of this model is 360° rotatable self-cleaning S base.Premium Line Classic

  • Premium Line glass 9

    Premium Line glass 11

    Note: All Premium Line Glass models are supplied with a complete set of screws, pair of legs for adjustment of height and self-adhesive hydroisolation butyl tape with alkali-resistant, non-woven fabric, for elastic waterproofing systems.

  • Apartment complex Tivat

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Tehno Tours d.o.o.

    Contractor: Aqua Mont d.o.o.

    A modern tourist complex in Tivat, with all the modern and accompanying amenities for a perfect holiday. High quality materials were used.

    For this project, the following products are delivered: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line silent sewage, Fluent cisterns and Confluo drains.

    HTP Velika plaža Ulcinj

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: HTP Velika plaža

    Contractor: Hydro engineering Pogdorica

    The tourist resort “Velika plaža” is located on the second kilometer of Ulcinj Velika plaža. The capacity is 300 beds with all accompanying amenities, in the area of 30,000 square meters, 250 meters away from the sea.

    The renovated hotel has well-equipped double and triple rooms, air-conditioned with terraces and overlooking the sea. Facilities: reception, two kitchens, two restaurants, mini-market, parking for guests, courts for small sports, etc. Over the course of more than 40 years of its business, HTP “Velika plaža” Ulcinj hosted a large number of families, working and sports teams, from the country and abroad, and by renovation, it is expected to improve the quality of service to an even higher level.

    For this project, the following products are delivered: PP-R Fluidtherm, HTPP sewage, Confluo Premium Line 300 and Confluo Dry1 central drains.

    Residential building Podgorica

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Eurozox Podgorica and Mikromont Bijelo Polje

    Contractor: Eurozox

    In the market, Eurozox has been present for some time as an investor, in addition to the sale of construction materials and the construction and craft works. The building was completed in Podgorica (area of 2550m²), residential building in an extremely good and popular location in Dalmatinska Street, near the city center.

    For this project, the following Pestan products are delivered: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line silent sewage, Confluo Premium Line drains.

    Residential and business complex Bar

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Euromix Beton d.o.o.

    Contractor: Zid Commerce Bar

    The investor, Euromix Beton d.o.o, has built apartments, offices and garages in a newly built solarium in the center of Bar. Skyscraper has eleven floors and is located in 24th November Boulevard – next to the city market, the center itself, the school and one step away from all events. During construction, there are used quality materials like Italian ceramics, Swiss Schindler lifts (two at the entrance), central air conditioning (multi-split system), underfloor heating, aluminum blinds, electric blinds. Also, the building has a power generator powered by elevators and corridors in case of power failure, as well as an auxiliary water supply system for all dwellings and business units, in case of water loss. Of course, among the high quality materials, the ones produced by Pestan also took place.

    For this project, the following Pestan products are delivered: Premium Line 550 drains.

    Apartment and residential building “Concordia”

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Concordia Commerce d.o.o.

    Contractor: Concordia Commerce d.o.o.

    Concordia apartments are newly designed residential buildings in Ulcinj. There are 23 apartments in the building, arranged on five floors. The total area of the building is 1500m² and is located close to many attractive locations in the city, between the center of Ulcinj and the large Ulcinj beach. Our business-partner Concordia incorporates a set of products for building Pestan. This is the first in a series of buildings that Concordia works as an investor, the Pestan company strives to keep up with its quality and professionalism.

    The following Pestan products are delivered for this project: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line silent sewerage, Confluo Premium Line 550 drains, Confluo Dry1 central drainage and Fluenta built-in cisterns.

    Residential and business building “Nikšić”

    Country: Montenegro

    Investor: Anagastum Invest Group d.o.o.

    Contractor: Mil Invest d.o.o.

    One of the newest and largest residential investments in Niksic is the residential and business complex Anagastum Invest Group. Exceptional location, in the very center of the city, a building with high quality materials, including water and sewage installations of Peštan.

    For this project, the following products are delivered: PP-R Fluidtherm, S-Line and Confluo Premium Line drains.

    Hotel Putnik Kopaonik

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Putnik Kopaonik d.o.o. Kopaonik

    Architect: Design studio S Kruševac

    Contractor: p.d. Erozija a.d. Valjevo

    Hotel Putnik Kopaonik is located in the sunny valley, the most beautiful part of Kopaonik, at 1650 meters above sea level, only 15 minutes walk from the tourist center of the mountain and ski lifts. Guests have 80 standard, 13 Lux rooms and three apartments at their disposal. The hotel will become a “Resort” with swimming pool and SPA center, but also many other facilities, so we can conclude that this building will be one of the most beautiful in Kopaonik. The following products of the company Peštan are included in installation in this project:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, S LINE pipes and fittings for low noise sewage, CONFLUO PREMIUM drains and shower drains and PVC KG pipes and fittings for outdoor sewage.

    Residential and commercial building Braće Ribnikar 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: ‚‚City gradnja profit“ d.o.o.

    Architect: ‚‚Studio I“ Novi Sad

    Contractor: GP ‚‚Raz“ d.o.o. Novi Sad

    This building has 126 residential units placed in 12 floors at over 14.000 square meters. Following products of the company Peštan took their place into this great project:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns with dual flushing plates with glass type ONYX and DIAMOND.

    Hotel Ambasador – Niš

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: My Place, Niš

    Architect: Alterno Inc, Niš

    Contractor: ‚‚Bojan“ o.d. Vlasotince

    Long-awaited reconstruction of the hotel Ambasador in Niš is underway and it is agreed with the investor that following products of the company Peštan will be used in reconstruction:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, PVC KG, HDPE pipes and fittings, PERT-Al-PERT pipes, PP corrugated pipes, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns.

    Hotel Sunce – Sokobanja

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Pantelić d.o.o. Kraljevo

    Architect: Architect Pro, Vrnjačka Banja

    Contractor: Dimex d.o.o. Vrnjačka Banja

    For this project, the contractor opted for the following products:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, PVC KG, HDPE pipes and fittings, PERT-Al-PERT pipes, PP corrugated pipes, CONFLUO PREMIUM shower drains, FLUENTA flushing cisterns.

    Residential-business building in Novi Sad

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: Rapid invest Ltd

    For the purpose of construction residential-business building in Novi Sad, investor Rapid invest Ltd, constructor MV Trend Ltd, were delivered Confluo Premium Line Glass Drains . Drains with grid made of tempered glass contributed to the elegant and functional appearance of shower cabin.

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