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Angle floor drains

Peštan offers 8 different models of Confluo Angle floor drains. All models have a body made of plastic and grid made of stainless steel or tempered glass, which we deliver in various designs and sizes + complete accessories and set for protection during pouring concrete floor.

Main advantages:

– Minimum installation height – 56–78 mm 

– Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min

– Unlimited leveling of ceramic 

– Modularity – 4 different output options,

   4 different siphons

– Rotatable output – 360 degrees base rotation +

   15 degrees angle rotation.

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  • Angle1/ 20x20

    Angle 2/ 20x20

    Angle 8/ 20x20

    Vertical angle 20x20

    Angle Gold 1/ 20x20

    Angle Gold 2/ 20x20

    Angle Gold 8/ 20x20

    Angle Vertical Gold 20x20

  • We supply our Confluo Standard – „Angle“ Floor Drain in 1 size (194 mm x 194 mm),  2 different grid finish (SS „Angle“ & GOLD „Angle“), 4 different outputs (Base with 1 outlet, S base with 28 mm of water seal, S base with 25 mm water seal, Vertical Base) and 2 different types of siphons (S Base siphon, Socket siphon). All bases of  Confluo standard models are having DN 50 mm outlets and a superior flow rate of 48 l/min. Minimum installation height varies from 56 mm to 78 mm, depending on the model.

    Angle floor drains



    Angle floor drains

    Note: All Confluo Standard Angle models are supplied with a complete set of screws and plastic „hat“ for protection during pouring the concrete floor.


  • How To Install Confluo Angle Floor Drains