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Frameless Line

We produce our Confluo Frameless Line model in 9 different grid finishes. It is 2 in 1 system where the same model can be used both with Stainless Steel/Gold and Tile/Glass finish. Premium Line has 360-degree rotatable DN 50 mm horizontal output, which gives us the possibility of a superior 48 l/min flow rate. The minimum installation height is only 62 mm.

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  • Frameless Line

    Frameless Line Black Matte

    Frameless Line Gold

  • Confluo Frameless Line is produced in 7 different lengths:

    Frameless Line 17


    Frameless Line 19

    Frameless Line 12

  • Clinical Center of Serbia

    For the needs of the renovation of the Clinical Center of Serbia, the following Peštan products are delivered: Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo Frameless Line and Confluo Standard drains, PPR, S-Line and PP Strong pipes and fittings.

    “La Flora Khaolak” Resort

    Country: Thailand

    Product: Frameless Line 850

    Supplier: Casa Tech

    For the needs of this project, 36 pieces of Peštan Frameless Line 850 pipes were delivered.

    “Ženeva Lux” Hotel

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Ženeva d.o.o. Kragujevac

    Contractor: Spektar invest Paraćin

    Architect: Jelena Rajić

    For the needs of this project, Peštan has delivered 4o pieces of its Confluo Frameless 650 and Confluo Frameless 750 drains. In addition to these products, the following products were also supplied: HTPP, S-LINE, PPR, HDPE and Confluo standard.

    “Harmony Residence” Rapid Invest doo

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Rapid invest doo Harmony Residence

    Project bureau: Braks pro doo Novi Sad

    Contractor: Protić vodovod i grejanje Kać

    For the needs of this project, Peštan PVC and PPR pipes, S-Line silent piping system, Confluo Frameless line 550 and Confluo standard drains are delivered.

    “Vila Borova” – Zlatibor 

    Country: Serbia

    For the construction of this villa, the following Peštan products are used: PPR and HTPP pipes, Confluo Frameless, and Confluo Standard ceramic as well as our Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl.