Confluo Plate 2 in 1

Confluo Plate 2 in 1 belongs to the Confluo standard drain models. It is characterized by an elegant, reduced design and a grid of Stainless steel that has the option of 2 designs. This drain has not only an attractive look, but it also has a high flow rate of 48l / min and it is very easy to clean. With this drain, we deliver also complete accessories and set for protection during the pouring of the concrete floor. Available models are with a 10x10mm grid and 15x15mm.

Main advantages:

Minimum installation height- 56–78 mm

Maximum flow rate – 48 l / min

Modularity – 6 different output options, 2 siphoning models

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  • PLATE 1 15X15 2 IN 1

    PLATE 2 15X15 2 IN 1

    PLATE 3 15X15 2 IN 1

    PLATE 4 15X15 2 IN 1

    PLATE 8 15X15 2 IN 1


  • Confluo Plate 2 in 1 1

  • Confluo Plate 2 in 1

  • Luštice Centrale –  Tivat

    Country: Montenegro

    Company Peštan in collaboration with the company Sam Solutions, which carries out works for the needs of this project, is supplying PPR Fluidterm pipes and fittings, S-Line pipes and fittings, Confluo Slim Line 750, Confluo Plate 2 in 1, gutter drains, as well as pipes for external landscaping.

    Luštica Bay-Tivat represents more of a concept than a style, depicting an interesting combination of past and present, tradition and innovation. In addition to the infrastructure that facilitates life and is based on high standards, it offers an endless view of the landscape, nurturing an atmosphere and lifestyle where there is no place for worries. The new elite residential settlement Centrale is located within the Luštica Bay complex. Slowly but surely, Centrale will become a mini city, or a kind of economic, cultural, and administrative center.