Standard Ceramic Floor Drains

Peštan offers more then 15 different models of Confluo Standard Ceramic floor drains. All models have body made of plastic and grid made of stainless steel or tempered glass, which we deliver in various designs and sizes + complete accessories and set for protection during pouring concrete floor.

Main advantages:

– Minimum installation height – 69–78 mm 

– Maximum flow rate – 48 l/min

– Unlimited leveling of ceramic 

– Modularity – 5 different output options,

   4 different siphons, 11 grid options

– Rotatable output – 360 degrees base rotation +

   15 degrees angle rotation. 

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  • Ceramic 1/ 15x15

    Ceramic 2/ 15x15

    Ceramic 3/ 15x15

    Ceramic 4/ 15x15

    Vertical ceramic 15x15

    Ceramic 1 dry 10x10

    Ceramic 2 dry 10x10

    Ceramic 3 dry 10x10

    Vertical ceramic dry 10x10

  • We supply our Confluo Standard – Ceramic floor drains in 2 different sizes(100 mm x 100 mm & 150 mm x 150 mm),  2 different grid finish (Ceramic & Ceramic GOLD), 6 different outputs (Base with 1 outlet, Base with 1 outlet/1 inlet, Base with 1 outlet/3 inlets, S base with 28 mm of water seal, S base with 25 mm water seal, Vertical Base) and 3 different types of siphons (S Base siphon, Dry siphon, Socket siphon).  All bases of  Confluo standard models is having DN 50 mm outlets and DN 40 mm inlets and superior flow rate of 48 l/min. Minimum installation height varies from 64 mm to 71 mm, depending on model.

    Standard – Ceramic floor drains



    Standard Ceramic 2

    Note: All Confluo Standard models are supplied with complete set of screws and plastic „hat“ for protection during pouring concrete floor.

  • Hotel 4*, the center of Ulcinj

    Country: Crna Gora

    Investor: Zadrima Draine

    Contractor: Maxvel Podgorica

    Brand new hotel, it will be released soon, it is expected for the 2018, 4 stars. Its characteristics are extremely high level of luxury and comfort, high quality and luxurious imported furniture, constructive materials, carpentry, flooring, sanitary ware and ceramics of the highest category, as well as innovative solutions in the architecture of the building and furnishing and interior design.

    The hotel has a total of 40 apartment units.

    For this project the following Peštan products are delivered:

    S-Line silent sewage, PP-R Fluidtherm, HTPP and Confluo Standard drains.

    ‚‚Sunčana Strana“ Novi Sad

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Construction directorate of Serbia

    Architect: SET d.o.o. Šabac

    Contractor: Best Izgradnja – Novi Sad

    The products of the company Peštan intended for installation on this project are in the field of internal and external installations of water and sewage, hydrant networks, bathroom drains and the like:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM, CONFLUO STANDARD, HTPP pipes and fittings, PVC KG pipes and fittings.

    Residential and commercial building Krilova 2

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Architect: Aleksandar gradnja d.o.o. Novi Sad

    Contractor: ‚‚Pro-uno Invest” Novi Sad

    On this project, following the many years of cooperation and the satisfaction of investors and contractors, the company Peštan is present with the following products:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, 3P PVC, S LINE, CONFLUO Standard shower drains.

  • Confluo Smart Drains

    How To Install Confluo Standard Ceramic