Architects and engineers visited the company Peštan - Peštan

Architects and engineers visited the company Peštan

In the last two weekends, Peštan company hosted architects and engineers from all over Serbia, with the idea to present innovations and novelties in the product mix. In two groups the company was visited by close to 200 experts in the field of construction.


In the magnificent five stars hotel Izvor where guests were accommodated, there was a presentation in the form of lectures where Peštan company presented PPR and HTPP system of pipes and fittings and their improvement, then the PVC Ultra and PP Strong pipes, and new products PVC fitting with sockets on every free end and PEHD pipes with large diameter (710 and 800mm). Special emphasis is placed on the new S Line silent sewerage, as well as a new line of bathroom drains Evolution.

During a tour of the manufacturing plant, the visitors could have had a chance to get acquainted with the production process, where they saw several demonstration presentations: Testing connections on pipe systems, installation of SAG, brazing PE HD pipes for water and PP-R water pipes of large diameter, the method of testing the strength of PVC pipe (test shot) and presenting Road Show trailer and analytical laboratories.

After presentation and tour of the manufacturing plant was dinner with music in the restaurant. With a large number of positive comments, we have characterized as good hosts and we will continue this practice with our business associates.