Beginning of exports to Ethiopia | Peštan

Beginning of exports to Ethiopia

When we are talking about the world market, the Peštan company is present in over 80 countries around the world. As an export-oriented company, with the strategy of global positioning, one of the goals surely is expansion and entry into new markets in order to meet the needs of users all around the world.

In the previous period, the efforts and activities of the export department aimed at placing products on new markets have resulted in exports to Ethiopia.

Beginning of exports to Ethiopia 1

Our production solutions from an assortment of pipes and fittings for the water system and sewage have found its place on 3 big projects in Ethiopia. For the needs of these projects, we delivered Fluidtherm pipes and fittings, HTPP sewage system as well as the S-Line silent piping system.

One of the prominent projects surely is a project of the “Tracon Real Estate” company. The company is in Adis Ababa and the new headquarter building is currently in the final construction phase.

Export to Ethiopia

In addition to the above, it is important to mention the projects “In Street Parking PLC” of 15,280 square meters also in Addis Ababa and then “Alex Hotel” with 9 floors, surface area of 5.500 m2 in the Bahir Dar town on the Tana lake.

Export to Ethiopia Beginning of exports to Ethiopia