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New Look, Same Quality

Last few months we worked hard to improve visual identity of the brand Confluo. Market has already recognized quality, innovation and design of our drains and Confluo brand has already separated and positioned in the world of quality and modern bathroom solutions. As one step more in the differentiation and personalization of this product line, we decided to change design of packaging and all promotional materials and to harmonize them with main characteristics of Confluo – reliability, functionality, innovative and modern looking.

New design includes the same logo and motto “smart drains”, only on the new background, which is more elegant, with letter f , which highlights the main role – water flow. As we always follow the current needs of our costumers , this time we wanted to offer something new, innovative, reliable and different from other manufacturers.

Recognition of Confluo visual identity will help final users to recognize Confluo products and their values. First impressions of our employees and clients are positive, so we expect this new energy to lead to better results and more successful business.

You can download our new Confluo catalog here.