Confluo webshop packages

Confluo webshop packages

Online shopping…

Modern times require modern ways of shopping, and shopping from the comfort of own home, or online shopping, has been steadily increasing in recent years. In line with this trend, there is a growing online demand for our products, and there’s a growing number of online stores that offer our Confluo drains.

Everything you need for your Confluo webshop!

Listening to the needs of our associates, online shop owners, we have created webshop packages with the complete content needed to implement the Confluo range in any online store.

Webshop packages include:

  • photos of installed drains,
  • photographs and rendering of products and all drain elements,
  • text descriptions,
  • technical drawings and technical specifications for all products in the assortment.

Confluo webshop packages are all that is needed in one place to best represent and fully demonstrate the Confluo range and thereby facilitate the purchase of the final customer at any online store.

Where to download? Download section

On the following links you can download complete packages, divided into 5 groups:

Confluo Premium Line webshop package

Confluo Frameless Line webshop package

Confluo Slim Line webshop package

Confluo Standard webshop package

Confluo Wall webshop package


Also, in the download section of any Confluo drain on our site you can download the appropriate webshop package.