In 2004, Peštan founded a subsidiary company in Romania called Peštan-Plast.  The company’s head office is located in Timisoara, in the Banat region of Romania. In order to make product delivery as good and fast as possible, as well as to expand presence in foreign markets, Peštan as the parent company founded Peštan-Plast, which in its twelve years of successful business has been contributing to the expansion of the distribution network and, in turn, playing up the now very well-known brand in Romania.  Peštan-Plast maintains a very high position in the sales and marketing its parent company’s products in the Romanian market.  Peštan-Plast spreads over 23,117 m2, of which 9,050 m2 are occupied by halls for storing products.  Another large investment by Peštan-Plast are the halls in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, which are spread over the surface area of 15,000 m2.

Romania 2

In a short period of time and with a relatively small number of employees since arriving to the Romanian market, Peštan-Plast’s persistent presentation pushed other brands to background, setting itself apart by providing its distributors with continuous delivery of goods accompanied by very balanced prices.

In short, our objective is to achieve “Success in every field.” The continuous improving in the Romanian market and the development of a secure distribution “value chain” modeled on the implementation of the “success in every field” idea involve many small but secure steps forward in all areas of business, ensuring great advancements with guaranteed results and reduced risks, while satisfying the interests of all stakeholders in the chain. Peštan-Plast is always working on introducing new trends and implementing the most advanced business solutions, while monitoring the needs of our customers and enhancing our business standards.

Dragana Joksimović

General manager

Tosu Radovanca

Sales manager

Christina Dotiu

Financial manager

Peles Ramona

Sales auditor

Saša Grozdanović

Warehouse manager