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Fluenta new products

Following world trends and the needs of our customers, we are continuously improving the range of bathroom solutions but also launching new products.

With a modern lifestyle, the bathroom in every home is a corner for enjoyment and relaxation, and with Peštan Fluenta products with recognizable quality and modern design, you will enhance your living space and make it functional.

Through two new models of Fluenta washbasins, we accomplish high criteria of functionality and aesthetics, so that they fit perfectly into your bathroom.

The rectangular shape with gentle curves and natural lines of the Fluenta round washbasin leaves the impression of minimalism and simple design. Shape, level of the final processing, and the finest ceramics ensure the complete functionality of this washbasin and the aesthetic ideal fit with the other Fluenta sanitary ceramics elements that will create a recognizable style of a modern bathroom.

In addition to the round washbasin with dimensions of 615 x 360 mm, the novelty in the Fluenta range is the Round mini washbasin with practical dimensions of 500 x 360 mm, an attractive design, comfortable for personal hygiene, simple, elegant, and ideal for cleaning, it will bring a completely new touch of elegance to your bathroom.

The Fluenta Spot washbasin in dimensions Ø380 mm is the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. It is affordable, easy to fit, and will complete the bathroom space according to your style. With an elegant and modern design and natural lines made of the finest porcelain, it fits perfectly with other Fluenta products. Spot washbasin with an interesting shape can be a special detail even in a simply decorated space. It will make the bathroom functional, with lighter-colored tiles and a large mirror, and the interior of the bathroom will shine.

Download a flyer with new products and photos here.