Fluenta washbasins

Fluenta Round washbasin

Designed to accomplish  high criteria in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Rectangular shape with soft roundness and natural lines leaves the impression of minimalism and reduced design. Shape, level of the final processing, and the finest ceramics provide total functionality of this surface-mounted washbasin, and aesthetically ideally blended with other elements of Fluenta sanitary ceramics will create a recognizable style of a modern bathroom. Available in dimensions: 615 x 360 mm and 500 x 360 mm.

Fluenta Spot washbasin

Perfect choice for smaller bathrooms in dimensions Ø380 mm, affordable, easy to fit, and will complete the bathroom space according to your style. With an elegant and modern design, natural lines made of the finest porcelain, it fits perfectly with other Fluenta products. Spot washbasin with an interesting shape can be a special detail even in a simply decorated space. It will make the bathroom functional, with lighter colored tiles and a large mirror, the interior of the bathroom will shine.

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