Gardino garden drains

Peštan Company offers to clients 4 different models of Confluo Gardino drains for outside drainage. All models have body made from plastic and grid made from cast iron, which we deliver with various outputs + complete accessories and set for protection during pouring concrete plate.

Main advantages are: Effective solution for garden & driveways, High flow rate, Modular and Flexible systems – 4 different outputs, Easy installation & maintenance.

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  • Gardino 1

    Gardino 2

    Gardino 3

    Gardino 4

  • We supply our Confluo Gardino models in 1 grid size (150mm x 150mm) made from casted iron and  4 different outputs (Base with 1 outlet, Base with 1 outlet/1 inlet, Base with 1 outlet/3 inlets, Vertical Base). All Confluo Iron models have special underground grid which allows effective  soil drainage. All bases of Confluo Top models is having DN 50mm oulets and DN 40 mm inlets and superior flow rate of 48l/min. Minimum installation height is 135 mm.


    Gardino garden drains

    Note: All Confluo Gardino models are supplied with a complete set of screws and a plastic „hat“ for protection during pouring the concrete floor.

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