New product: Gutter drain

To meet all your requirements that are constantly changing and adapt to the new weather conditions, we were dedicated to developing new solutions that we believe will make easier drainage surface water to you. The new solutions belong to the category “Outdoor drainage” which is in the Piping Solutions assortment and their main purpose is to ensure easy maintenance and long-term operation of the system for outdoor drainage of surface and atmospheric waters.


Made of polypropylene, the product is intended and designed for adequate drainage of surface water (rainwater) in external sewage systems. The drain allows the connection of gutter pipes of different diameters. The drain pipe connection includes 2 options (110 and 125 mm), which are used depending on the pipeline to which the drain is connected.

Peštan gutter drain contains a dry valve that blocks the entry of pests from the pipeline, as well as a basket (leaf catcher) which maximally simplifies and facilitates cleaning. The design also enables the connection of different diameters of gutter pipes in a simple way, by cutting the appropriate diameters to DN50, DN75, DN90, DN110, and DN125.

More detailed information about this new product you can find on the page of the product Gutter drain.