Metaloproizvod visited Peštan - Peštan

Metaloproizvod visited Peštan

On Friday, September 16, we were visited by installers who cooperate with our customer “Metaloproizvod” from Inđija. In addition to the installers, there were also representatives of “Metaloproizvod”, which deals with the distribution of programs for plumbing, heating, irrigation, as well as the sale of bathroom equipment. In 2002, they started selling Peštan’s assortment, and in 2005, direct cooperation began.

They currently sell the following Peštan products: PPR, PVC, HDPE, S-LINE, Fluenta and Confluo programs, and PERT pipes for heating.

There were almost 40 visitors, who, together with sales and technical support representatives, visited the production and logistics centre and familiarized themselves with the work of our company and the entire product range.

This visit is significant because installers for the first time had an opportunity to go through our facilities. The installers also got acquainted with the production process of Peštan pipes and the fittings they use in work. At the end of our presentation of Peštan’s production plants, the installers were under a strong impression of how our production process works, the sizes of our facilities, and the number of workers.