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Peštan PERT OXY-pipe system is complementary to PERT-AL-PERT pipes and is used for floor heating or radiator heating and drinking water supply. Depending on the customer’s demand it can be in a protective pipe or without. The pipe has an oxygen barrier in the form of a special layer of EVOH material that does not allow the transfer of oxygen from the environment into the pipe, so the pipe can be safely used in radiator heating systems where the system has steel components that are easily oxidized. The pipe system is easy to install, to bend and does not break. Polyethylene with increased resistance to high temperature, from which the pipe is made, together with other high-quality components guarantees features in accordance with standard EN ISO 22391 and a long life pipe.

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  • PERT-OXY pipes are made in diamteres Ø 16 X 2 mm,  Ø 17 X 2 mm, Ø 18 X 2 mm, Ø 20 X 2 mm, Ø 22 X 3 mm, Ø 28 X 3 mm and Ø 28 X 4 mm. The first number indicates the diameter of the pipe to the other wall thickness. The information you need to know when choosing fittings since the error means that the compound will not be reliable. The products come in rolls of various lengths depending on the customer’s demand, the diameter and the presence of a protective tube.

    Pert Oxy

  • OXY-PERT pipe is designed primarily for underfloor and radiator heating or being increasingly used on the installation of drinking water. The pipe is five-layered and in technological terms it is a very modern and very precise manufacturing technology. Suffice it to say that in two millimeter of wall thickness it has 5 different layers which can withstand the pressure of 10 bar cold water. The material from which is made the outer and inner layer of is polyethylene of increased temperature resistance. In the middle there is a layer of special plastic material called EVOH and pipes provides oxygen barrier, flexibility and strength. Between these layers there is a special glue that binds these materials into a homogeneous whole. This pipe can bend in a radius of 10 D or it can be packed in heating installation at 16 cm distance. The pipe is also used for the installation of drinking water and in this case, commonly used pipe which is located in the second protective pipe with red for hot water and blue for cold water in accordance with the method and installation specifications.

    Pipes are installed on temperature over 10 degrees.

    As we currently do not produce the fittings, Peštan recommends only certified and quality producers, whether it is a compression, press and push fitting.

  • Donja Bistra

    Country: Croatia

    Distributor: Sam Cro

    Project „Donja Bistra“ started in September 2021. This project is in the quiet part of Donja Bistra, in Morička street and it consists of buildings with two-story apartments built as row houses and independent family houses. The expected date of completion is in May 2022. Peštan company has delivered for this project PPR, Pert-Oxy, HTPP, S-Line, PVC KG, and PEHD water pipes. Besides pipes and fittings, Peštan manholes were also delivered, as well as the Confluo Premium line drains.