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Peštan conserves natural resources

In order to contribute to the preservation of the environment and create awareness of the importance of preserving the planet Earth, we strive to act as a socially responsible company on a daily basis and save natural resources.

The austerity measures we are implementing are focused on various areas, and some of them contribute to saving electricity, reactive energy, saving water, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Electricity saving

Since 2018, we have been working more intensively to improve measures that contribute to saving electricity, and in 2021 we achieved great savings of 11,279,095 kWh, which is equal to the average consumption of 2,234 households per year.

Some of the austerity measures that are already implemented are the purchase of new energy-efficient production resources and equipment, replacement of outdoor and indoor lighting with more efficient LED spotlights and lamps, installation of consumption analyzers, and many other measures that we continually implement in order to save more electricity and encourage others to do the same.

Reactive energy

As far as reactive energy is concerned, significant savings were also recorded, which we achieved by purchasing cabinets for reactive power compensation, and the number of 16,534,634 kVArh from 2018 was reduced to 992,352 kVArh in 2021. Besides the cabinet for reactive power compensation, we achieved savings by installing an analyzer for online monitoring of reactive energy consumption.

Reduced Co2 emissiones

The consequence of the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is global warming and climate changes, and one also important step that our company took and that contributes to savings, is a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, is a significant reduction of CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) compared to previous years, 10,263t more than in 2018.

Water care

Due to the wasteful behavior, people are polluting the environment more and more, so 50% of flowing water has been already permanently destroyed.

The  Peštan company works every day on the implementation of austerity measures, so in 2021, compared to 2018, we saved almost 70% of the total water consumption. These savings are equivalent to the water consumption of 213 average Serbian households per year.

Saving measures that we continually implement are regular control, installation of the remote reading water meters, the online monitoring of consumption, and many other measures that we implement every day.

Except that we made significant cost savings, we are working to preserve the planet Earth and save natural resources, thus encouraging others to do the same by their example.