PP Strong

Peštan PP Strong pipes and fittings are produced of PP material by the newest technology of pipe extrusion and fitting injection. PP STRONG pipe system for all kinds of waste water is made as homogeneous fully-walled pipe without mineral additives with extremely smooth inner surface according to EN 1852.

Both pipe and fitting in the PP STRONG range are intended for areas with great static pressure, such as airports, highways and railroads. PP STRONG system is universal and can be used for removing all types of waste waters in low construction.

Installation and manipulation of the pipeline elements is very simple and is described in the following chapters of this technical manual. Pipes are connected with fittings, while the waterproofing in connections is provided by rubber rings (safety lock) made of EPDM rubber with plastic reinforcement. Inner layer of PP STRONG pipe is very smooth, which results with excellent hydraulic characteristics, high resistance to abrasion, and preventing subsidence on inner layer of the pipe.

PP STRONG pipes are resistant to corrosion and their life span is 50 years if used properly.

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  • PP strong pipe

    Pipe with integrated socket

    Arched Branch 87.5°

    Bend 30°



    KGF Flood Gate for manhole

  • Production range of Peštan PP STRONG  pipes for transportation of all kinds of waste water includes the pipes produced from high quality polypropylene, in diameters from Ø110 to Ø500.

    Peštan PP STRONG pipes and fitting are manufactured as a compact pipe in four variants (depending on the strength-resistance to external load), while the PP STRONG connections are produced in five variants (including SN 16):

    SN 4 KN/m²

    SN 8 KN/m²

    SN 10 KN/m²

    SN 12 KN/m²

    SN 16 KN/m²

    Pipes are produced with factory-installed  double muffs, in standard lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, as well as in non-standard lengths of 12m, 13.5m, 16m. Peštan is able to offer a complete range of fittings in all appropriate diameters (from Ø110 to Ø500).

    PP strong 31

  • Application Areas

    PEŠTAN  PP STRONG  pipes and fittings are designed and built for sewage systems, which are exposed to high loads:

    1. Municipal sewage
    New Construction
    Replacement of the existing sewerage network

    2. Chemical and mechanical industry
    Excellent chemical resistance (ph value 2-12)
    Suitable for use in heavy traffic load

    3. Food Industry
    High resistance to temperature and resistance to cyclic work
    Resistance to chemical cleaners

    4. Roads (highways, main roads, airports…)
    Resistance to high static and dynamic loads
    High obliged cruelty

    5. Water Protection Zone II and III

    6. Special applications

    Physical properties of materials

    PP Strong 1


    Chemical resistance of materials

    Table of chemical resistance of material can be seen in the section Download

    Connecting PP Strong pipes

    Peštan PP STRONG  pipes and fittings for transport of waste water, are being  merged by sockets, and water resistance is achieved through the sealing rings made of EPDM rubber (EN 681), which are inserted into the socket.

    Installation, jointing and testing of this type of pipeline is carried out according to the applicable European standards and guidelines (EN 1610).

  • Clinical Center of Serbia

    For the needs of the renovation of the Clinical Center of Serbia, the following Peštan products are delivered: Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo Frameless Line and Confluo Standard drains, PPR, S-Line and PP Strong pipes and fittings.

    Chocolate factory “Barry Callebaut” – Novi Sad

    Contractor: EKO Futura

    Project value: 5,5 million RSD

    Material: HDPE PE100 PN10 water pipes, PP Strong ø110-500 sn8, PP Corrugated pipes sn8 ø600 i ø800

    Subcontractor for the hydraulic works: „021 ECO Futura“ Kać ; „Vodo-karin“ Novi Sad

    Value of delivered material: 50.000


    The project of building the „Barry Callebaut“ chocolate factory in Novi Sad, worth 5,5 million RSD, was completed with Peštan’s products. For the needs of the construction of this large complex, Peštan has delivered its PP Strong drainage pipes, PP Corrugated pipes, and HDPE water pipes, worth 50.000 euros.

    Waste water sewage construction, Saljovo

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: Institute for development city of Novi Sad

    For needs of waste water sewage construction in Sajlovo, Novi Sad investor hired construction company Bulevar, who built in full walled smooth PP STRONG pipes made in accordance with EN 1852, class SN10. Total length of pipes applied was 3km of diameter 250.

    Total worth of delivered merchandise was 60.000 EUR.