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PVC PTT and power cable protection pipes

In contidions power and telecom cables are being layed it is necessary to provide additional protection from mechanical and other influences. Also it is desirable to protect cables inside of an object regardless of the type of appliance – underground or above ground. In that manner Pestan offers various types of protection pipes, and one of those are PVC pipes that have already been a very solid and reliable solution for this matter. These pipes are fabricated in accordance with EN 1401 and EN13476 and they provide  maximum protection from mechanical damage, water, chemicals and corrosion. Besides that this pipe lets you change cables more easy  when replacement time comes.

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  • Peštan PVC  cable protection pipes are made in basic diameter Ø 110 mm  and longitude of 6000 mm but by buyer’s demand can be made in any other diameter you can find in our PVC offer.

    There are two basic colors of pipes:

    Red for power cables

    Yellow for telecom cables


  • Peštan PVC cable protection pipes are made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride according to norm EN 1401 and EN13476. Pipes are meant for underground or indoor appliance of cables. In case of laying the pipe with direct contact to sun light it is necessary to apply UV protective measures. These pipes are waterproof, concrete components and other construction materials, corrosion and other outer effects. Pipes are electric insulator and do not contribute to spreading fire. Buyer can choose the color and in standard offer we have  red and yellow. Smooth inner layer makes laying of cables easier. In case of insufflation of the cable the joints of these pipes are not meant for pressure above 0.5 bar.

    Pipes connection is made with EPDM rubber.