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Peštan Company offers to clients 4 different models of Confluo Top drains for flat roof drainage. All models have body and grid for leaves made from plastic, which we deliver with various outputs + complete accessories and set for protection during pouring concrete floor.

Main advantages:

  • Effective solution for flat roofs
  • High flow rate – 48 l/min
  • Modular and Flexible systems – 4 different outputs
  • “Anti-leaves” System
  • Easy installation & maintenance
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  • We supply our Confluo Top models in 1 size and  4 different outputs ( Base with 1 outlet, Base with 1 outlet/1 inlet, Base with 1 outlet/3 inlets, Vertical Base) All bases of  Confluo Top models is having DN 50mm oulets and DN 40 mm inlets and superior flow rate of 48l/min. Minimum instalation height is from 124mm up to 135 mm depending from model.

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    Note: All Confluo Top models are supplied with a complete set of screws and a plastic „hat“ for protection during pouring the concrete floor.

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