Last week we participated in the 45th International Construction Fair SEEBBE, the largest construction industry review in the region of Southeast Europe. At this moment in Serbia more than 40,000 sites are active, so it is not surprising that this event is significant for both exhibitors and visitors to the fair.

As a company that builds long-term relationships and relationships based on trust, this year we have used the fair to host a large number of associates from the country and the region, exchange experiences, present them with plans and novelties, but also have fun. We welcomed our dear associates and visitors this time on three booths, in total area of over 250 m².

SEEBBE 2019 6


When it comes to novelties, the most attention on the stand has attracted the new Fluidtherm PP-RCT system, premiered at this fair as a novelty in the Serbian market. How good practices should not be changed, we again showed to visitors a complete system solution for the bathroom, through which we presented the water and sewage pipes system, the floor and radiator heating pipes, the bathroom drains, the fittings, the bidets and the built-in cistern with toilet bowl. In accordance with the current promotional campaign “In Touch with elegance and modern technology”, we put a special emphasis on new, elegant and functional, bathroom solutions. In this context, we have presented the Confluo Frameless shower drain, the Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl and the Fluenta bidet, as well as the ideas for bathroom arrangement and our three suggestions for color matching in the bathroom. In the field of civil engineering, the most attention is attracted by the presented Spiropipe tube with electrofusion connection, as well as fittings from the PP Strong program.

SEEBBE 2019 3


A special corner on the stand was “Corner for installers”, where representatives of the technical support and bathroom solutions department presented the technical characteristics of the product. On the spot, we presented the Fluidtherm piping and fitting, as well as the mounting of the saddle connector, but also presented in detail the technical possibilities and parts of our Confluo bathroom drains and the Fluenta installation cistern.

SEEBBE 2019 8


As the visit to Peštan stand does not only shed light on the dry presentation of products and novelties, Peštan Cafe has completed the experience and offered visitors and associates a place where they will hang out, chat and relax. We organized a prize game for our associates, as well as a Peštan quiz of knowledge, where we awarded the best experts of Peštan. In recent years, entertainment and prize games, with the promotion of sports spirit, have become an integral part of Peštan’s performance at this fair, and this year we also organized a party in the form of “PP-RCT playground” for all visitors, where they could try out sports activities and win symbolic gifts.

SEEBBE 2019 7


From year to year we strive to maintain quality relationships with existing associates, but we also begin and improve cooperation with potential and new associates, with the idea to present to the general public what we are doing. We are sure that we have succeeded in this at this and the last construction fair. We are facing new plans and projects, and while we still summarize the impressions, we want to thank everyone who made our stand the most visited one at the fair.

You can check out our video from SEEBBE 2019 on this link.