Single layer corrugated pipes

Quality construction practice requires that the power cables installed in the household should be installed in a protective, insulating pipe that protects the cable in the wall, reducing the likelihood of damage to the cable when drilling into walls and not prevents inadvertent contact with parts of the damaged cable with metal structures in the walls. Beside this, this protective pipes easier replacement of cables for any reason no longer suits to needs of users.

In addition to these purposes it is often necessary against solar UV radiation to protect cables that are out there, which are between objects and they are not UV stable. For this purpose, we produce a UV-resistant single layer corrugated pipes in which in the base material are added special additives in order to protect the tube against degradation by UV radiation.

These pipes are also used to protect PERT-AL-PERT and PERT OXY-pipes when the pipe is used for the installation of drinking water.

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  • Single layer corrugated pipe

  • Peštan pipes are manufactured in the following diameters: Ø OD 16 , Ø OD 20 , Ø OD 25 , Ø OD 32

    Diameter  Ø OD 16 and  Ø OD 20 is packed in coils of 100 m and diameter Ø  OD 25 and  Ø OD 32 to 50m coils.

  • Peštan single layer, flexible corrugated pipes are made of polyethylene of high density (HDPE) in accordance with standard DIN49018. The pipes are designed to protect the cables or other small pipes built into floors or walls. They are produced in variant intended to the outer setting where in the basic material is added special additives that make the pipe UV stable and allow it long life when it was exposed to direct sunlight. Pipes are very solid, provide complete protection but also thanks to the design of the ribs and very flexible and allow easy installation and manipulation. These pipes are resistant to the influence of water, the components contained in concrete and other construction materials, corrosion and other external influences. Pipes are electric insulator I does not contribute to the spread of fire. Buyer in accordance with their needs can choose the color of a tube in the standard offer are black, white, blue and red.