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We build the world strengthening it for future generations


Evident changes in all domains of life and business make today more turbulent, and survival in unstable conditions is a challenge and most often requires active methods of adaptation and a change of approach. In our daily business, we are trying to maintain a balance between economic success, environmental awareness and social responsibility. The business results of the company in recent years confirm the fact that the company has successfully resisted the challenges of market competition and modern society, so Pestan has continuous progress and an increase in business revenue. In addition to good business results, on the list of priorities are activities focused on the basic values ​​of society: discipline, work, dedication, and a humane attitude towards- people and environment.

In addition to philanthropic activities, this year, like most companies, we focused our attention on the topics of energy efficiency, green business and responsible attitude towards natural resources. Aside from the current circumstances, the company has been implementing significant measures for all of the above since 2018, with a growth tendency.


Following the trends of world events in the field of energy production from renewable sources, Pestan achieves a green ecological print with construction of an “energy giant” with a capacity of 9MWp. With its size and power, this kind of power plant ranks among the top of the world’s projects, installed on the roofs of buildings.

Our plan is that complete solar power plant start operating in the first quarter of 2023. Solar panels are being installed on 12 production halls in our production – logistics center in Arandjelovac and will enable 20% of the company’s total electricity consumption to be generated from solar insolation.

Our power plant is made up of 20,000 solar panels, with a total installed power of 9 MWp distributed on 50,000 square meters of roof area. The annual electricity production of this power plant results in a reduction of CO2 emissions in the amount of 9,870 t, which is equivalent to the aspiration of 543,230 trees. Just for comparison, the area of ​​such a forest is many times larger than the area of ​​the urban part of our city Arandjelovac.


We were ready for recommendation of the Ministry of Energy to start saving electricity. We started with more intensive savings in 2018, when we made significant savings. Pestan follows the energy management system and the consumption of electricity per kilogram of finished products has been accepted as an indicator for monitoring electricity savings. In 2021, compared to 2018, were achieved 11,279,095 kWh savings for the mentioned indicator. This can be compared with the estimated electricity consumption of as many as 2,200 households.

The consequences of the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere are global warming and climate change, and what is another important step in our company, which concerns savings, is a significant reduction in the emission of CO2, carbon dioxide, compared to previous years and that by 10,263t more, compared to 2018.


Savings measures that were successfully implemented at the beginning of the action were the purchase of new, more energy-efficient production resources and equipment, and then the replacement of in and out lighting with LED reflectors and bulbs of the highest energy class. Investment in reactive power compensation equipment gave valuable results in the field of power factor correction.

Automation of lighting (presence sensors and daylight sensors), installation of consumption analyzers, replacement of electric boilers with inverter air conditioners and automation of technical water-cooling systems in production halls are also outstanding actions that produced fantastic results in terms of additional savings. Using a system for monitoring the energy consumption of production resources, the company’s experts optimize the systems and achieve a reduction in total consumption.


As far as reactive energy is concerned, we also made significant savings achieved by installing cabinets for reactive power compensation, and the number from 16,534,634 kVArh from 2018 was reduced to 992,352 kVArh in 2021. In addition to cabinets for reactive power compensation, we also achieved savings by installing an analyzer for online monitoring of reactive energy consumption.


Besides the above mentioned, Pestan is intensifying efforts to raise the socially responsible awareness of its employees in order to realize the energy saving plan as an important resource for the company’s business, and by its example invites others to do the same.

In order to raise this project to a higher level, we launched an internal campaign through which we introduced the employees to the importance of this project, informed them about the company’s ways of saving and, most importantly, appealed to savings and rational disposal of electricity. In addition to significant cost savings and a non-negligible positive impact on the environment, we want to be an example and motivation for other business entities to follow in our steps for the benefit of the community.


With careless behavior, people pollute the environment more and more every day, so 50% of water has already been permanently destroyed. Because of this, we work every day to implement savings measures, so we saved almost 70% of the total water consumption in 2021, compared to 2018. The mentioned saving is equivalent to the water consumption of 213 average Serbian households on an annual basis.

Savings measures that we constantly implement are regular control, installation of water meters with remote reading, establishment of online monitoring of consumption and many other measures that we work on every day.

In addition to achieving significant cost savings, all implemented measures significantly contribute to the preservation of the planet Earth and the saving of natural resources.


Contribution to culture, sports, youth development as well as response to most humanitarian activities at the local level is something that can very often be attributed to a company with a house logo.

This year’s philanthropic activities included various types of support for local sports clubs, music and cultural festivals and numerous humanitarian activities. Among other things, we supported the recent theater festival of the Cultural Center in Arandjelovac, the race “1300 kaplara” organized by the sports association of the city of Arandjelovac, as well as one of the biggest modern music festivals in the city.

Peštan’s responsible attitude towards to youth and sports in this area has long been known for its regular support of our most trophy-winning, world and Olympic karate champion, Jovana Preković, as well as sports clubs – basketball club Šumadija and handball club Šamot 65.


As the old saying goes that “everything starts from home”, so here in our company, humane attitude according to people start from what is most important to us, which is our employees. During 2022, the good tradition continued, so one of the benefits for our employees was vacation for the whole family. Through this internal campaign, Pestan organized vacations for 60 employees and their families, this year.

As a domestic family company, we maintain tradition and primary values ​​even today by cherish family values ​​as a priority, and with special attention we pay attention on our humane activities towards the mothers in our team and the children of employees.

When a company gives an example with an appeal to employees from time to time, positive changes valuable for the future of the community are indisputable. Our employees with good will and a big heart are often the initiators of humanitarian and socially responsible actions themselves.

This year, employees go over the record in voluntary blood donation, and on June 14 this year, the Pestan company received a special award from the Red Cross of Serbia.

As a company, we are proud that such people are part of our team and grateful that they represent company in the best possible way, being responsible to themselves and to society.