VIDEO - Bird's eye view of company 2021 - Peštan

VIDEO – Bird’s eye view of company 2021

How large is the Peštan company? Questions about size, the atmosphere in the company, and many others motivated us to create 2 interesting videos that will give all the answers.

The company has changed in recent years, the constant growth and constant investments have caused the opening of new plants and increased the production capacity.

From the establishment until today, the product range has been significantly expanded and today has about 8.500 different products. The storage space and the number of production halls, as well as the surface area, have been multiplied, so at this moment the total area is 35ha. Other numbers mentioned in the video, show how much the company has changed for the last 30 years and how big it really is.

To keep the company where it is today, it is necessary to make strong investments, modernization of technology, and monitor innovations, and adjust the product range to the needs of the market. All this requires investments in human resources through constant training and creating the best possible working conditions for employees. With renovating the administrative buildings, the space where employees spend most of their time was enlarged and equipped with modern equipment. One of the novelties is an exclusive showroom which decoration is at the final stage.

You will see production halls, storage space, administrative buildings in a totally interesting and unusual way, and make your own opinion about the company. Although you will see the company from every angle in these few minutes, don’t forget that this is a company that changes and constantly grows so be sure that you haven’t seen everything!