History - Peštan



Božidar Petković, founder and owner of Peštan, in 1989 founded a trading company Bukulja Promet involved in trade of pipes for water supply and sewerage. He soon realized that the Serbian market has increasing demand for plastic pipes and makes the decision to start production of less demanding pipes made of polyethylene.

Diversification of portfolio

After two years, Peštan begins with the production of PVC pipes and fittings for domestic sewage, while in 1996, started the production of PP-R program. After four years of delays in investment in 2000 Peštan began producing corrugated pipes. Then he brings an important strategic decision, which resulted in the opening of a new manufacturing plant, where there is a strong increase in production capacity of all products.


At the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, the management of Peštan makes a decision to change the business strategy and to become export-oriented. That year begins with the project PP-RCT program for North America. Implementation of SAP ERP brings to Peštan improvement of business processes, a logical consequence of the implementation of BI reporting system contributes to more efficient decision making. Pestan commences production of Confluo drains in 2012 while production of irrigation pipe systems drop by drop started the next year. At the same time, we came to finalization and the start of sales of PP-RCT pipes and fittings in the US market.

Peštan nowadays

In the last few years, the company Peštan has continued a strong investment cycle and implemented several significant projects. With the constant improvement and modernization of technology and production, the range of pipe and bathroom solutions is enriched with new solutions that follow the latest trends and meet all the requirements of the current market. Today, Peštan is considered a very recognizable and important company not only in the Balkans but also internationally, with a constant focus on exports and respect for the requirements of customers and clients around the world.