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Fluenta FIT Flushing cistern

Fluenta FIT Flushing cistern

Fluenta FIT is a concealed flushing cistern with a depth of only 80 mm. Due to the dimensions, it is suitable for fitting in the limited space, whether you are equipping a new bathroom or renovating the old one. With a great quality-price ratio, it is affordable and it fits into a limited budget, and with elegant lines of flushing plates, it fits perfectly in the modern-designed bathroom.

With one of the Ring and Block flushing plates in several colors (white, chrome, black matte), your bathroom will exude a dose of elegance and harmony.


Installation method:

  • Installation in prefabricated walls
  • As a self-supporting element for pre-wall installation in drywalls
  • For universal installation into solid walls


  • Supporting frame tested according NF Standards (XP D12-208), tested at 400 kg, cataphoresis application against corrosion, 200 hours of resistance to salt spray, with adjustable feet
  • Dual flush volume adjustable; Small quantity: 2,5 – 4 / Big quantity : 3 – 6 L
  • Styrofoam insulation aganist condensation
  • Silent hydraulic fill valve – Class II, EN 14124
  • Each cistern is tested individually in the works
  • Pre-assembled discharge elbow Ø90 mm with reducer Ø110 mm or Ø100 mm
  • Clip-on collar to simplify the attachment of the pipe to the frame
  • İnculding connecting sleeves for pan inlet and outlet with protective caps, built-in protection box for mortar, fixing materials
  • 5 years guarantee, expect rubber parts
  • Without control panel

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  • Fluenta FIT Flushing cistern

    BLOCK White plate

    BLOCK Black plate

    BLOCK Matt chrome

    BLOCK Shine chrome

    RING White plate

    RING Black plate

    RING Matt chrome

    RING Shine chrome

  • Fluenta FIT Flushing cistern

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