Fluenta Toilet Bowl

Fluenta Basic console toilet bowl perfectly fits with its simple design to the Fluenta concealed flushing cisterns and together they make an elegant and functional solution. It is made of a material with exceptional strength, resistant to damage, and easy to clean.

Fluenta Basic toilet bowl is available with Classic or Click toilet seat.

The Classic toilet seat has a soft-close mechanism for the slow lowering of the hoop and toilet seat without user intervention. The Click toilet seat has a soft-close mechanism for slow lowering and a button that allows easy removal of the toilet seat when you need to clean it.

Both these variants are made of the same material and have exceptional performance in terms of quality, design, and aesthetics. These products are delivered with all elements for quick and easy installation.

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  • Fluenta Basic Click

    Fluenta Basic Classic

  • Technical data for Fluenta Basic toilet bowl and seat

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  • “Milmari Resort” – Kopaonik mountain

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Milkop d.o.o. Raška

    Milmari Resort (Hotel Milmari) is a brand new hotel-tourist complex on the slopes of Kopaonik, located in the weekend estate, on the regional road Kopaonik – Raška. This luxury complex has been categorized with three stars, and what makes it special is exceptionally arranged apartments. Also, Milmari Resort in its offers has interesting content: Wellness and SPA center, restaurant, Caffe bar, photo, and video gallery, and many others. For the needs of this hotel, Peštan has delivered Fluenta flushing cisterns, Fluenta Basic toilet bowl, Fluidtherm and PVC pipes and fittings.

    “DESNA OBALA” – Medijana Boulevard below the business building “Velefarm” 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Stabilproject

    For the construction of this complex, Peštan delivered S-Line and PPR pipes, Confluo Premium line as well as Fluenta Basic toilet bowls.

    “SO Nikola Tesla” Mladenovac 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Glecher 021, Mladenovac

    For the construction of this project, Peštan 3P PVC and PPR pipes, Confluo Standard, and Confluo Premium Line drain were delivered, as well as Fluenta Basic toilet bowl.

    “Dunavski Venac” – Belgrade 

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Alfa Consulting

    During the construction of this residential building, a large number of Peštan products are used. This complex will have over 500 apartments and it will spread over the surface of 24.000m2. For the needs of this project it was delivered: HDPE, PVC, and PPR pipes, Fluenta concealed flushing cistern, and Fluenta Basic toilet bowl.

  • How To Install Peštan Fluenta Concealed Flushing Cistern + Toilet Bowl