HDPE cable protection pipes

In terms of installing fiber optic cable as well as electric power and telecom cables, it is necessary to further protect the cable from mechanical or any other influence. Also required is an additional, protection against cable bundles and inside buildings, regardless of whether they are underground or above-ground installation. For this purpose, Peštan offers several types of pipes for cable protection and one of them HDPE pipes for cable protection. These pipes for cable protection are proven on many projects including the thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable laid across the Balkan. Thanks to its exceptional characteristics ensure the full protection of cables from mechanical damage, water, chemical attack, and corrosion. In addition to these protective pipes and easier replacement of cables for any reason no longer suits the needs of users. The ability of these pipes is to endure internal pressure and allows cable routing with the technique of blowing, so the distance between connectors or cable manholes is higher than in other systems.

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  • HDPE cable protection pipe

  • Peštan HDPE pipes for cable protection are produced  in all diameters like HDPE pipe for water, however, since the need for such large diameters is extremely rare standard products are considered to be the following diameters: Ø 20 mm, Ø 25 mm, Ø 32 mm, Ø 40 mm, Ø 50 mm, Ø 63 mm, Ø 75 mm, Ø 90 mm and Ø 110 mm with length of 6000 mm (product in bars) or 50 m, 100 m or 200 m, depending on the diameter (product in the coil).

    In case you have a need for diameters greater than the above, please contact our sales department or our technical support.

  • Peštan HDPE pipes for cable protection are made of polyethylene PE 80 or PE 100 depending on customer requirements. The pipes are designed to protect cables in the underground installation or installation inside the building. The inner side of the pipe is very small toothed tines, which are obliged to reduce surface contact of cable and pipe and consequently the coefficient of friction, which results in very large lengths to which it is possible to insufflate optical cable. Ring stiffness of the pipe is very large and depending on the diameter and type of pipe can be over 50 KN / m² and can be used in places increased load floor in accordance with the static calculation. These pipes are resistant to the influence of water, the components contained in concrete and other construction materials, corrosion and other external influences. Chemical resistance allows the installation of polyethylene and in saline and chemically aggressive soil. Pipes are electric insulator and does not contribute to the spread of fire.

  • Expansion of existing PTT and cable network

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Investor: Telekom a.d. Banja Luka

    Pestan delivered PE pipes diameters 32 up to 50 to company Elnos for the needs of expansion of existing network of Telekom Banja Luka. Completely was delivered 150km of pipes.

    Total worth of delivered pipes was 44.000 EUR and project was realized during 2014.