HDPE pipes for pressure sewage

Peštan HDPE pipes for pressure sewage high-quality tubes are made from high quality polyethylene PE-80 and PE-100.

The advantages of this type of pipe compared to other materials is that due to its high flexibility and resistance to seismic shocks and shifting of the soil can be used for installation in areas where they can count on this situation. Bending radius of polyethylene pipes is 20 d. High resistance polyethylene on capturing deposits makes these pipes more suited for use in pressure sewage then other pipe materials.

Polyethylene pipes for pressure sewage are stable to UV rays and temperatures from -30° C to + 60° C.

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  • Product range of Peštan HDPE pipes for pressure sewage includes pipes manufactured from high quality polyethylene PE-80 and PE-100 in diameters from Ø16 to Ø630.

    Also this pipe is available in four variants (depending on the pressure to which they are intended)

    SDR26 – PN6

    SDR17 – PN10

    SDR11 – PN16

    SDR9 – PN20

    (Upon request, it is possible to produce pipes with non-standard working pressures – PN4 and PN25)

    Peštan is able to offer a complete range of welded fittings manufactured in all diameters and all working pressures.

    Also, other operating pressures are available upon request.

  • Resistance to high temperature:

    When temperatures increased exploitation (eg. Industrial use) it is necessary to correct the value using the PN reduction coefficient from the table:

    HDPE pipes for sewage pressed


    Physical properties of materials:

    HDPE pipes for sewage pressed 1


    Chemical resistance of materials:

    Table of chemical resistance of material viewed in the section Download

    Connecting polyethylene pipes:

    There are several ways to connect polyethylene pipes for pressure sewage. These pipes can be connected in the following ways:

    Butt welding
    Electrofusion welding
    Compression fitting (diameters up to Ø125)
    Connecting sleeves and flanges

    Electrofusion and butt welding are performed according to the guidelines of DVS 2207-1.

    Installation, jointing and testing of polyethylene pipeline is done according to applicable European standards and guidelines:

    EN 805
    EN 1610
    DVS 2207-1
    DVGW W 400-2(A)

    Safety factor HDPE pipes for pressure sewage is 1.25

    Coefficient of linear expansion is polyethylene 1,3×10-4C-1 (0.13 mm / m ° C)

  • Fecal sewage construction in Surčin

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: JP Direkcija za građevinsko zemljište i izgradnju Beograda

    For the needs of fecal sewage construction in municipality of Surcin, Pestan delivered preassured sewerage pipes, working pressure 6 bar and diameters between 32 and 160. Construction was entrusted to company Milenijum team.

    Total value of delivered merchandise was 60.000 EUR and project was realized in 2016.