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Pipeline stability calculation

When creating pipeline stability calculation it is necessary to take into account several parameters.

To help you out to meet your requirements, and to give recommendation to select  corresponding pipe material in the best possible way, for the construction of a pipeline and its stability, we have prepared for you the data entry form for static calculation of load capacity of pipes according to ATV 127,  which can be downloaded here.

Also, we have prepared for you  explanation of soil types according to ENV 1046, which can be downloaded here.

Contact our technical support and send to us filled data entry form,  and we will contact you promptly.

The Peštan company notes that this calculation is for information purposes only.

The entire content of this calculation may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies. Peštan company is not responsible for any errors in the calculation or in the final results. Peštan Company does not guarantee for  accuracy of data or results of calculation.

Recommendation of Peštan company is that responsible persons (designers with license) make a detailed calculation for each individual case.