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PP Spiropipe

PP Spiropipe

Spiral pipes are two-layer corrugated pipes made of high-quality polypropylene and consist of an inner smooth wall and external corrugated spiral wall. The tube is produced by winding the profiled outer layer (reinforcement) of high-quality polypropylene with a corrugated profile on a smooth inner layer that is extruded and welded in continuity. The outer layer consists of smaller ribs high-intensity hose coated with polypropylene, and the inner layer also consists of polypropylene. Presence of profiled hose in the outer layer significantly improves the strength of the pipe itself. For this reason, PEŠTAN PP Spiropipe can be produced in different classes of stiffness.

Advantages of the PP Spiropipe: Durability, Saving time, Maintenance, Hydraulics, Waterproof, Lengths and Usage.

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  • Production program Peštan PP SPIROPIPE spiral pipes for large sewer systems or non-critical transport of water includes pipes made of the highest quality polypropylene with profiled reinforcement in the ribs, in diameters of Ø300 up to Ø1200, and in the coming period we will start the production of pipes in diameters to Ø3000.

    Also, these pipes are produced in standard length of 6m. They can also be produced in other lengths, according to project specification.

    Peštan PP SPIROPIPE spiral pipes are produced in more variants of strength/resistance to the external load (depending on the step of the profiled outer layer for reinforcement as well as depending on diameter):

    SN 2 KN/m²

    SN 4 KN/m²

    SN 8 KN/m²

    SN 12.5 KN/m²

    SN 16 KN/m²


    Application and installation

    Inner diameter and hydraulic characteristics of Peštan PP SPIROPIPE spiral pipes remain the same over the time, regardless of the type of the profile, thanks to the strong reduced roughness and low adhesion of the inner pipe walls. The nominal diameter corresponds to the effective inner diameter of the pipe, with tolerances allowed according to reference standards.

    Connection of the PP SPIROPIPE

    Peštan PP SPIROPIPE spiral pipes are connected only over the socket into which the EPDM rubber is mounted, which means that unlike PE Spiropipe, these cannot connect with electrofusion.
    This type of connection is most widespread due to its own simplicity and low production time. At the female’s end of pipe, the rubber was inserted during the production and it is homogeneously coupled with a muff. The male and female parts of the connection are performed in accordance with the parameters by the EN standard 13476.

    The rubber is made in accordance with EN 681-1.

    PE Spiropipe 10


    Types of profiles
    Peštan currently offers three basic pipe profile products to its customers:

    1. Peštan Spiro PR
    2. Peštan Spiro CPR
    3. Peštan Spiro OP

    PE Spiropipe 17 PE Spiropipe 18 PE Spiropipe 19

    * Spiro PR is in standard production, while other two are on buyer’s demand.

  •  “Mind Park” – Infrastructure and utility equipment of the technology park

    Country: Srbija

    Investor: “Milanović Inženjering” d.o.o. Kragujevac / “SIEMENS”

    Contractor: “TEHNOGRADNJA” d.o.o. Kruševac

    Sub-contractor for hydrotechnical works: “Biro – Stevanović” d.o.o. Prokuplje

    The Technology Park, with the area of 120 hectares, is formed around the “Siemens” factory for railway vehicles, so in the industrial zone of Sobovica-Lužnica there will be finished trams and railway wagons that now move to the world’s railways.

    One of the biggest industrial zones in Serbia, “Mind Park”, will be a small town – with production and business buildings, railways, airline runway, accompanying facilities.

    In the infrastructure and communal equipping of the technology park, Peštan Company delivered:

    PP “Spiropipe” pipe diameter DN / ID 1000 and DN / ID 1200;
    PP corrugated pipes DN / ID 600 and DN / ID 800;
    PVC sewer pipes Ø160 to Ø500;
    HDPE water pipes diameter Ø110 to Ø225.


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