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Trash cans

Modern household makes a big amount of waste  that needs to be put away safely and ecologically. For that purpose Peštan provides modern plastic trash cans adapted to emptying by machine. Cans are being made in three different sizes 120l , 140l and 240l. Standard color is green but are produced in other colors by demand of recycling needs and easier waste separation.  Cans are being made according to EN 840-2:2013 chapter 1, 5 and 6 made of polyethylene and are resistant to all chemicals that are used in regular households.

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  • Trash can green

    Trash can yellow

    Trash can blue

  • Pestan trash cans are made in the following volumes:

    120 liters
    140 liters
    240 liters

    Cans are basically being made in dark green color, for the needs of recycling there are yellow and blue color, but by demand can be made in any other.

  • Pestan trash cans are made according to norm EN 840-2:2013 section 1, 5 and 6 and completely satisfies requirements of this standard. Cans are adopted to machine manipulation and emptying and has adequate reinforcements and adapters that helps them apply to standard emptying mechanisms on trucks. Cans and mounted on wheels diameter 200mm made of full rubber with plastic rims, hung on stainless steel axle.

    Thanks to this kind of construction cans have the following capacity:

    120 l – 48 kg
    140 l – 56 kg
    240 l – 110 kg

    Can material is polypropylene. Material is UV stable and resistant to chemicals that are used in standard households. By demand we can produce the lids adapted to disposing the waste with one hand only that are usually used for tin can recycling bins, glass recycling bins or paper bins ( link ka katalogu ) Also by demand of the buyer we can numerate the trash can .


  • Environmental project supply household with cans for waste disposal

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Investor:  Komunalac a.d. Laktaši

    Delivery of cans for waste disposal in the ecological project of supplying household .Cans were delivered in volume of 120 l in green color.

    The total value of the delivered cans were € 70,000.