“Peštan” has developed a system of  PVC joinery that fully meets the latest European standards and modern criteria that we can offer at an affordable price.

Five-chamber  system provides the ideal insulation. Heat transfer coefficient K = 0.98 W/m2K with low-e glass , option 24 mm width and 28 mm.

The German technology of production PVC profiles.

ECO-PROFILE CaZn stabilizer (Absence of Lead).

GERMAN certificates for profiles and final product.

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  • In addition to standard sizes, it is possible to produce the doors and  install a glass according to special  buyer’s requirements  (all types and thickness of glass), as well as decorative panels for entrance doors. (Add a picture of windows and doors).

    Product name                             Dimensions (cm)

    One wing PVC Window                     60×60

    One wing PVC Window                     60×80

    One wing PVC Window                     80×100

    One wing PVC Window                     80×120

    One wing PVC Window                     100×100

    One wing PVC Window                     100×120

    One wing PVC Window                           80×140

    One wing PVC Window                           100×140

    One wing PVC Window                          120×120

    Double wing PVC Window                     120×120

    Double wing PVC Window                     120×140

    Double wing PVC Window                     140×140

    Double wing PVC Window                     140×120

    Double wing PVC Window                     160×140

    Double wing PVC Window                     180×140

    PVC balcony door                                     80×210

    PVC balcony door                                     80×220

    PVC balcony doors                                   140×210

    PVC balcony doors                                   160×210

    PVC balcony door                                     140×220

    Entrance door                                            100×210

    Entrance door                                            130×210



  • Fetter -use of fetters by renowned manufacturers such as Sigenia, Roto, Vabis …

    Heat transfer coefficient K = 0.98 W / m2K

    Machines for the production of joinery are made of famous producer ELUMATEC

    Possible internal or central sealing system

    rubbers that can be changed (possibility of replacing gaskets)

    condensation drainage through the special chamber

    Five-chamber system provides an excellent insulation

  • Reconstruction of the preschool institution “Savo Milošević”

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: Agency for Investments and Housing

    For the needs of the reconstruction of the preschool institution “Savo Miloševic”, the investor of the Agency for Investments and Housing, performer G.P. Zlatibor construction Belgrade, windows and doors with other joinery are delivered in premeasured dimensions, made of PVC joinery.

    Multifunctional building

    Country: Albania
    Investor: RAJFI GROUP shpk

    For the purpose of this project, PVC windows (windows and balcony doors) is delivered.