Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl

Fluenta Rimless Console toilet seat with elegant and modern design with no visible mounting parts ideally fits into your modern bathroom. Fluenta Rimless is a console toilet bowl that ideally fits with our Fluenta concealed flushing cistern.

Innovative rimless flushing technology completely disables the retention of bacteria and impurities below the inner edge. A simple “Quick Release” mechanism for removing the toilet seat makes it easy to access all parts and maintain hygiene.

With a modern and elegant design, Fluenta toilet seat has a “soft-close” mechanism for slowing down the seat, which prevents accidental drops of seat, shocks, or injuries.


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  • Fluenta Rimless Toilet Bowl

  • Fluenta Rimless

    Technical drawings with measures
    Fluenta Rimless toilet seat 1

    Fluenta Rimless toilet seat 2

    Fluenta Rimless toilet seat 3

  • Clinical Center of Serbia

    For the needs of the renovation of the Clinical Center of Serbia, the following Peštan products are delivered: Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl, Confluo Frameless Line and Confluo Standard drains, PPR, S-Line and PP Strong pipes and fittings.

    Tito’s Villa

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Stan Projekt DOO

    Architect: Stan Projekt DOO

    This complex is located on Zlatibor mountain, over 1000 meters above sea level. Due to the unique position and structure of the lot, already from the first floor, there is an amazing view of the Tornik and Čigota tops. This hotel can boast a wealth of content: Restaurant, SPA center, open pool, park for kids, conference rooms, and so on. For the needs of this project, Peštan has delivered: PPR, PVC, HTPP pipes and fittings, HDPE pipes, Fluenta basic toilet bowl, and Fluenta flushing cistern, and Confluo Standard drains.

    Hotel Ambasador

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: My Place

    With its products, the Peštan company has beautified this luxury hotel. For the needs of this hotel, it was delivered ours Confluo drains, Fluenta cisterns and the keys and Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl.

    Zlatiborski Biser

    Conutry: Serbia

    Investor: Galens DOO

    For the construction of this large facility was delivered Peštan Rimless toilet bowls, Fluenta cisterns and the keys and Confluo drains.

    Milmari Resort

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Milkop d.o.o. Raška

    The name Peštan is also present in this modern complex. It was delivered Fluenta cisterns, the keys, Rimless toilet bowl and the Confluo drains.

    Kraljevi Čardaci

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Car, Kragujevac

    For this beautiful hotel, Peštan products Fluenta cisterns, keys, Rimless toilet bowls and Confluo drains was delivered.

    Solaris Resort

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Solaris resort

    For the construction of this exotic facility, Peštan delivered its products. Fluenta cisterns and buttons, Rimless toilet bowls and Confluo drains are supplied.

    Hotel Slatina

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Trmka kabl, Vrnjačka banja

    For the hotel Slatina in Vrnjačka Banja, Peštan has delivered its Fluenta cisterns with buttons, Confluo drains and Rimless toilet bowls.

    Zemunske Kapije

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Građevinska direkcija Srbije

    The company Peštan delivered its material for the construction of this large and urban complex. Fluenta cisterns, buttons, and the Rimless toilet bowls have delivered.

    San Simon Resort

    Country: Slovenia

    Investor: Hoteli Bernardin d.d.

    Contractor: Active Design/Big house

    For the hotel San Simon in Slovenia, Peštan company has delivered following products: PP-RCT, S-Line silent sewer, Confluo drains, Fluenta cisterns, buttons and Rimless toilet bowls.

    “Vila Borova” – Zlatibor 

    Country: Serbia

    For the construction of this villa, the following Peštan products are used: PPR and HTPP pipes, Confluo Frameless, and Confluo Standard ceramic as well as our Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl.

  • How to install Fluenta Rimless toilet bowl