New product: Drain Manhole Ø630 - Peštan

New product: Drain Manhole Ø630

To meet all your requirements and needs, we try to constantly improve the existing ones, as well as launch new products.

The last launched product from Peštan, drain manhole Ø630 , is an addition to the existing assortment drain manhole Ø315 and Ø400.

The advantages of the new product:

• Reinforced ribs are designed for greater strength and for the visual effectt too

• Hooks for hanging/lowering the manholeinto the excavated holes/channels are designed to be reliable because they have reinforcement on the upper side where the cable or twine would be climbed, so they can withstand the weight of the manhole during lowering without problems.

• The cone at the top of the drain manhole is adapted to the corrugated pipe because after placing the pipe on the top of the drain manhole it can be done easy welding with a well-placed weld.

• Some models are designed with GRIP for better support to the maintenance master when he needs to go down in the manhole and prevents shoes from slipping.

• At the bottom of each of these manholes, there is possibility of plug installation, exclusively on a customer’s request, for which are already designed screw entries.

• Ribs on the underside of the drainage manhole serve as structural reinforcement of the manhole under load, to stop the ground from all sides, and to protect the persons who will later during usage service, maintenance the drain and need to go down into the manhole itself.

Connecting directly to
the smooth pipe
Connecting with
a reducer
Connecting to
a corrugated pipe

Available diameters: collective drain manhole Ø630/Ø315 and collective drain manhole Ø630/Ø200, straight through drain manhole Ø630/Ø315 and straight through drain manhole Ø630/Ø200.

More detailed information about this new product you can find on the page of the product Manholes.