PE corrugated pipes ID

Peštan polyethylene (PE) ID corrugated pipes are modern, reliable and efficient manner for gravity drainage of all types of rainwater or wastewater. Pipes are defined through an internal diameter which makes it much easier to budget rate. Guaranteed water resistance of the compounds to a pressure of 0.5 bar, a reliable ring stiffness and ease of installation, make these pipes and it complete the following program shafts proven choice. These tubes provide reliability and long life to the installation costs that are lower in comparison with many other pipe systems.

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  • PE corrugated pipe ID SN4

    PE corrugated pipe ID SN8

  • We make Peštan ID polyethylene PE pipes in diameters defined by the inner dimension (ID). The pipes are made in the following diameters:  Ø ID 140, Ø ID 200, Ø ID 250, Ø ID 300, Ø ID 400, Ø ID 500, Ø ID 600, Ø ID 800.

    PE corrugated pipes ID 2

    Pipes are produced in standard length of 6 meters.  All diameters can be created in classes ring stiffness SN 4 or S 8th. This range of ring stiffness allows optimum selection of tubes in accordance with the static calculation.  In case that the project requires a greater a circumferential stiffness of SN 8, Peštan is able to produce the pipe ring stiffness up to SN16. For a complete program ID PE corrugated pipes we manufacture all the necessary fittings, transition pieces for connecting to pipes made of other materials and we can by special order make any kind of fitting of your drawing. We offer a complete program and accompanying manholes in all dimensions standardin so that we are able to help in one place and offer a complete pipe system for high performances.

  • Peštan polyethylene (PE) corrugated pipes are intended for the construction of a pipeline and gravity drainage of all kinds of waste water. The system is dimensionally identical to the PP corrugated pipes or by using a different material or PE-polyethylene. The main difference is the weight of the product, polyethylene pipe is slightly heavier for the same strength of the ring.  These pipes provide a reliable function in almost all circumstances, however, in case of need for greater ring stiffness or transport of aggressive liquids, we advise consultation with our technical support. The pipeline is made of PE pipes Peštan. It is set and tested in accordance with EN 1610 which will provide long-lasting and reliable function in almost all conditions. Buyer in accordance with its needs chooses a circumferential stiffness (strength ring) pipe that can be SN 4 (4 KN/m²), SN 8 (8 KN/m²), at the request of a customer up to SN 16 (4 KN/m²). With the program we offer a complete pipe manhole manufactured of our pipes or roto casting technique as well as a complete range of fittings so that we can meet all customer requirements regardless of how the project was complex.  Peštan also offered saddle connector possesses subsequent SAG, which provides fast and efficient connection to the already installed pipeline. As the dimensional characteristics of PE and PP OD pipe identical, assembling saddle subsequent connection is identical on both pipes. About SAG, we will say more in part of the work of PP corrugated pipe ID.

    With a complete pipeline we can offer you the service of pneumatic testing of the pipeline in accordance with EN 1610th. For any questions or to create dedicated solutions for the project you can contact our technical support.

  • University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska

    Country: Bosnia i Herzegovina

    Investor: Clinical center Banja Luka

    Contractor: GP Tomić

    For this project, the following Peštan products are delivered: HTPP, PVC KG and HDPE korugovane.

    Renovation of hotel accommodation “BANJA KULAŠI”

    Country: Bosnia i Herzegovina

    Investor: Dubravko Zemun

    Project manager: Predrag Simić, Goran Zemun

    Contractor: GAJIĆ MONT s.z.r.

    No. of rooms: 52

    No. of apartments: 2

    No. of bathrooms: 54

    For this project, the following products are delivered: Confluo SLIM LINE, HTPP, 3P, PVC KG and HDPE corrugated.


    Country: Serbia

    Investor: SANNYVILLE d.o.o.

    Architect: BG ARH d.o.o.

    Contractor: M Enterijer gradnja

    For the first phase of construction, consisting of 252 residential units in Sunnyville settlement in Višnjička Banja, the company Peštan has delivered a complete system of water and sewage, as follows:

    PP-R FLUIDTHERM FIBER pipes and fittings, PEHD pipes and fittings, 3P pipes and fittings for indoor and PVC KG, PE and PP corrugated pipes and fittings for outdoor sewage. CONFLUO shower drains are also delivered, and Sunnyville is one of the first projects for which we delivered the product from our new segment – FLUENTA built-in cistern with accompanying equipment and dual button activation key.

    FLUENTA system is praised by installers on the site itself as the simplest and most practical product of this segment with which they have worked so far.

    Retail Park Rakovica

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: RCP Projekt d.o.o.

    Architect: ZAPP d.o.o.

    Contractor: Gradina d.o.o.

    At the site of an old factory that was demolished, Capitol Park Rakovica was built. Capitol Park Rakovica is conceived as a complex consisting of two separate buildings, organized around and inside the central plateau, consisting of over 30 units of world-famous brands on a total area of 21,191 m² and 753 parking spaces. All this makes Capitol Park Rakovica the largest retail park in Belgrade and an ideal place for shopping that meets the needs of the whole family. For this project, Peštan has delivered the following products:

    HTPP pipes and fittings for internal sewage, PEHD pipes and fittings for drinking water, PVC KG, PP and PE corrugated pipes and fittings for external sewage.

    Penitentiary Pančevo

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

    Architect: Coming 1 d.o.o.

    Contractor: Gradina d.o.o.

    The new prison, according to the most up-to-date construction standards, is in the final stage. It is located in Pancevo, where this hexagonal facility with accompanying facilities with a total area of approximately 24,000 square meters spreads on 10 hectares of land. The company Peštan has delivered the following materials for this project:

    HTPP pipes and fittings for internal sewage, PEHD pipes and fittings for drinking water, PVC KG, PP and PE corrugated pipes and fittings for external sewage.

    Retail Park Smederevo

    Country: Serbia

    Investor: Shopping Center Tri d.o.o.

    Architect: Geoexpert d.o.o.

    Contractor: Gradina d.o.o.

    ,,Shoppi“ Retail Park Smederevo is the third in a series of the retail parks in the portfolio of the company MPC Properties. For construction of this facility, which occupies about 10.000 square meters of area with over 300 parking spaces, the company Peštan has delivered the following products:

    HTPP pipes and fittings for sewerage, PEHD pipes and fittings for water, PVC KG pipes and fittings, PP-R FLUIDTHERM drinking water system with fibre fiber reinforced pipes, PE and PP corrugated sewage pipes.

    Construction of the drainage system on Corridor XI

    Country: Serbia
    Investor: The loan of the Republic of Azerbaijan

    For the purposes of the construction of Corridor 11, section Preljina Subotica, involved was the company Azvirt, which has left the building drainage system to company GP Planum. On this section are used Peštan PE corrugated pipes with nominal inside diameter, dimensions of ø 200 to ø 600, load class SN8.

    A total of 16 km pipe laid and the total value of the goods supplied is 623,000 euros.

  • SAG Installation