PVC drainage pipes - Peštan

PVC drainage pipes

Peštan PVC drainage pipes together with suitable connectors are meant for drainage of excessive processed and underground waters. They are very easy for putting in place and are connected by suitable connecting elements  where rubber rings are securing the complete joint tightness. This type of pipe is made of very light material and with that transport and handling is very easy and simple. Peštan PVC pipes for drainage systems are made with 3 layers (EN 13476) and compact (EN 1401) pipes.

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  • PVC drainage pipe

  • Peštan production range for PVC drainage pipes includes pipes and connecting elements made of supreme quality polyvinyl chloride PVC-U in diameters Ø110 – Ø630.

    Peštan PVC pipes are being produced as 3 layer pipes (EN 13476) or as compact pipes (EN 1401), and in 3 versions depending of the rigidity/resistance to outer pressure):

    Series  S-25 (SDR 51) – SN 2 KN/m²

    Series  S-20 (SDR 41) – SN 4 KN/m²

    Series  S-16 (SDR 34) – SN 8 KN/m²

    Peštan is capable of offering the complete range of connecting elements for this kind of drainage pipes. Peštan PVC fitting or outer connecting elements are thanks to their geometry at least twice as time more resistant than the pipe even though they have the same size wall thickness. Because of that according to EN1401 fitting class SN4 can be used with pipes class SN8 because of his geometry that gives him the SN8 rigidity.

  • Physical properties of material:

    Speific mass 0.9 ÷ 1.0 gr/cm3
    Interuptional rigidity 50-60 MPa
    Vicat melting temperature min 79°C
    Thermal conductivity0,54 KJ/mh/°C
    Linear coefficient of thermal strech 0,08 mm/m/°C
    Water absorbtion 4 mg/cm2

    Chemical resistance of material:

    Peštan drainage PVC pipes  pipes are resistant to salt water, alcohol, acids, alcaline, sulphates, aggressive gasses and all types of detargentes. On the other hand, they cannot

    Be used for drainage of water with huge level of benzene, petrol, acetone.

    You can see the complete table of chemical resistance in Download section.

    Conecting the pipes:

    Peštan PVC pipes and fittings for drainage are connected by the muffs and waterproofness of joints is being accomplished over tight rings made of EPDM rubber (EN 681) and are implemented in the muffs.

    Perforation of the pipes:

    Peštan PVC drainage system pipes are perforated in the following manner:

    Pipe Ø110 is cut – perforated in 3 rows
    Pipe Ø125 is cut – perforated in 3 rows
    Pipe Ø160 is cut – perforated in 3 rows
    Pipe Ø200 is cut – perforated in 4 rows
    Pipe Ø250 is cut – perforated in 5 rows
    Pipe Ø315 is cut – perforated in 6 rows

    Also it should be highlighted that PVC drainage system pipes are perforated at 2/3 of the pipe diameter.

    PVC drainage pipes

    One of the characteristics Peštan PVC drainage system pipes is that the perforations in 2 adjacent rows do not match.