PVC Ultra

Peštan PVC Ultra is a modern sewerage system, which exceeds most of the products of company Peštan. Peštan development team, after years of research, has developed a new system of sewerage pipes, higher quality and more innovative than previously offered. Ultra system (which is a synonym for ultra-modern, innovation and quality) is complementing the existing PP STRONG system, but is based on the PVC as basic raw material.

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  • Peštan PVC ultra are 3-layer sewerage pipes with 4 classes of ring stiffness:

    SN 8 KN/m²

    SN 10 KN/m²

    SN 12 KN/m²

    SN 16 KN/m²

    Pipes are produced and tested in accordance with EN 1401.

    These pipes have a diameter from DN160 to DN400 and have extruded socket which, unlike double sockets or sleeve sockets, reduces possibility of leaks of pipeline for 100%.

    Pipes are absolutely compatible with all fittings from class SDR 34 and also SDR 41.

  • Physical properties of materials

    Thickness 0,56-0,62 gr/cm3
    Tensile strenght 50-60 MPa
    Vicat softening temperature 79°C
    Termal conductivity 50-60 MPa
    Linear coefficient of termal elongation 0,08 mm/m°C

    Chemical resistance of material

    Table of chemical resistance of material is availeable in the Download section

    Connection of polyethylene pipes

    Peštan ULTRA PVC pipes and fittings for waste water are connected over sockets. The water resistance is achieved through the sealing rings made of EPDM rubber (EN 681), which are inserted into the socket.

    EPDM rubber, which is located in socket has two sealing surface and an additional plastic ring that is made in a different color. Rubber has a unique design which provides the part of the rubber and plastic together as a sealing element.

    Installation, connection and testing of ULTRA PVC piping is carried out according to the current European standard EN 1610.

    Pipes carry a label with snowflake in accordance with EN 1401. The pipes are tested in accordance with EN 744 and EN 1411, which unlike of EN 1401 go a step further. This standard stipulates the release of metal weight of 8 kg with a height of at least one meter to the pipe, at a temperature of -10°C. Since there were no cracks or deformation as result of testing of Pestan PVC Ultra, the mark of snowflake is allowed to be used on pipes. This test simulates the real situation on the construction site where large pieces of stone can fall onto the pipe until it is in a trench.